Orthodox christian dating rules

I am hoping that whoever posted the below comment (or anyone else!) might read this and be able to provide some advice. I was raised a Greek Orthodox Christian and I married a Jewish man, we are still very much in love, have been together almost 20 years (married for 13 of them) and have two happy kids. Like many other Greek/Jewish couples today, we didn’t realize how difficult it would be to have an interfaith marriage until we were to the point of planning an engagement.My cousin married a Jewish man in a civil ceremony in Greece.

Unfortunately, the GO/Jewish combination is a particularly thorny one (and maybe more rewarding as a result! Jews are not allowed to marry in the Orthodox Church.

ALL non-Christians are prohibited from marrying in the Greek Orthodox Church.

She can always raise/baptize her children in the Orthodox Church, but she’s not allowed to receive any of the sacraments…

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There is also a priest in the Newburgh, NY GO church (St. (8 years of Greek Sunday School doesn’t teach you that!

) The Greek Orthodox Church forces your hand to make you stay within the church–I don’t disagree with this stance, it is part of the Greek Orthodox religion, but it does make you make some tough choices.At its most basic, prayer is how we communicate with God. This is where we can put our requests to Him, Praise Him, and offer thanksgiving for all that he has done for us.As part of the Orthodox Faith, Christians pray both as a community and individually. It is my understanding that the Greek Orthodox Church is one of the stricter churches.He would have to speak with his priest regrading the circumstances. Is it that he doesn’t want to be removed from the body of the church?Okay, so here’s “the situation” (and I’m not referring to the Jersey Shore television program). I am GO and you are correct in what you have written.