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Well, maybe they didn't really get down, but they did give us a peek at what their O-faces might look like.Yup, Kristen Bell, Emma Stone, Angelina Jolie, and many other famous stars have acted out orgasms on TV shows and movies! You might want to hit up Netflix to check out some of these flicks and TV shows after you see this sexy list!That same element lives in the hearts of select actor and actress’ vying for an opportunity to perform.

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“I believe that in this business you need to be always active and never show that you’re lax in anyway.” Her first full-length film was in 2000 entitled Signs and Wonders directed by J. It was my first American production.” But as time progressed she was up for a role in the film Flight of the Swan directed by N. In this particular film she was to play a mother who basically has lost everything dear in her life.Nociter but her most memorable full – length film was The Cat’s Meow (2001). The director did not think she can ace it since Despina was known as a comedic actress. To prove to the director she was fit for the role she did the unthinkable.The reason for this was that she had the rare opportunity to work with stellar director Peter Bogdanovich. “I went home and [covered ] my body with mud and wore my mother’s old clothes and ripped them.I then went to his office and fell to his feet and began to cry that I lost my children.CLICK HERE to view the gallery, 'Celebs Who Have Had Orgasms Onscreen In Movies & TV!

' CLICK HERE to view the gallery, 'Celebs Who Have Had Orgasms Onscreen In Movies & TV!

Through grammar school and into College she took part in theatrical productions.

Yet acting was not what she was planning on studying but medicine.

Her resume reads like an encyclopedia of major accomplishments.

Yet she will never stop until she makes her mark in the industry.

Through 2003-2006 she presented and hosted many major events like the 1 Cyprus International Film Festival.