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Or, as Oscar Wilde put it, a century before CEO Brian Shuster, is its potential for immersive, real-time interactions."With web dating, people are sending emails back and forth, interacting in an asynchronous way.

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In , Nicole has met women who were really men posing as women and men who lied about their identities.

Before she met Devin, she virtually dated a man who pretended to have a brain tumor to garner sympathy from other users.

"I let a few of my friends know where I was going, what his name was, his phone number, because you never know," she says.

" users who want to meet their partners IRL to be extremely clear about this wish.

"You need to be cautious, and make it clear from the pretty early stages that you'd love to meet in person some day." As long as users set boundaries for their dating experiences, Davis thinks MMORPGs can be immensely rewarding.

"While it seems that being behind screens limits your relationship potential, the truth is it teaches you a lot about the more intimate aspects of relationships, like handling other people's emotions.

Some are cheating on spouses or partners, forming intense relationships that may or may not move offline.

Some are playing capable of generating such deep relationships can also make it a very dangerous place to fall in love.

Users with physical disabilities can run and jump and interact in ways they might not be able to in real life. — people starting businesses, artwork, music classes — you tend to run into people who have common interests, that you might develop a bond with.

That can also lead to romantic partnerships." James Sun, co-founder of app Anomo, agrees.

Anomo is one in a wave of anonymous social networking apps, and lets users interact through generic cartoon avatars; the app matches people up based on location and common interests.