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It’s a busy schedule that Celeste believes vindicates her defensive nature when people lob criticism at her or other Octagon Girls.“I think people don’t realize how much work it is to be a model, be a host, be an Octagon Girl,” Celeste said.

2) Tiki Ghosn and Arianny Celeste Arianny Celeste makes the list again!

She used to date former UFC fighter Tiki Ghosn; given that Celeste is so stunning that she could charm virtually every man on Earth by merely standing still, it comes off as a bit of a surprise that she went for Ghosn.

Chris Weidman and Carlos Condit are the HOTTEST fighters in the UFC ... even though dating fighters is "looked down upon." But the best part?

according to 2 of the UFC's smokin' hot Octagon girls. Chrissy and Vanessa give their BRUTALLY HONEST opinion on Brock Lesnar ...

I’m not dissing the guy by the way, as he proved even bald-headed fellows might have a chance with Celeste!

They are athletic, strong, and dedicated to their sport and career. Of course, mind you, nothing beats a kick to the groin if we girls need to hold our own. Also, women would like to think that if someone hurts them, their guy will fight back.

I don’t let myself look at blogs or anything like that because I don’t want to see anything that’s going to hurt my feelings or piss me off – because sometimes I tend to talk back.

I’m not a pushover and I’m not a hardass, but I definitely will defend myself if I need to.” When not attending weigh-ins, working fight nights or making public appearances (such as a meet and greet calendar signing at 9 on Vine in Los Angeles this Friday following the UFC 184 weigh-ins) in her capacity as Octagon Girl, Celeste works as a model and co-hosts “Overhaulin'” on Discovery Channel.

“When I’m not working, I’m not that into the MMA world,” Celeste told MMAjunkie Radio. I’m not going to lie: The people in the MMA world can be pretty harsh.

I used to care about things like that, but now I don’t.

3) Diego Sanchez and Ali Sonoma Fan favorite Diego Sanchez dated former Octagon girl Ali Sonoma at a point.