Nytimes iphone app not updating

China just banned The NY Times app from Apple Store!!! ) that I want to know about current events and breaking news.Obviously that country has something to be worried about. I purchased a new digital subscription because we need to support more journalistic integrity in this day and age. I love the format and the journalists are the best! After using this app for 3 months I am lowering my rating...In-depth home search tools designed to surface property details for the most desirable properties on the market, combined with frequently updated, award-winning New York Times Real Estate articles.

Usually this is due to a connection problem with the App Store or some other issue. I could do a restore, but my last restore backup on my pc, is old and not the version that I want, so what can I do?

The easiest way to correct the problem is to restart your i Phone using the power button. I Found the solution out by accident: The apps are mostly paused by not enough data or connection fauilure. If this doesnt work, there is a diffrent problem (ios10) I found the apps blurry and grey.

You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your i Tunes account settings. Not valid for Digital Access 9.99 per year subscription option. 360 videos offer a new way to experience the journalism of The New York Times. As always, please email [email protected] questions or feedback.

Smartphone and tablet apps are not supported on all devices. These immersive videos put you at the center of the scene, allowing you to look left, right, up, down and behind you. Unlike some other reviewers I have great regard for the Times, and have been a subscriber for decades.

(Don't use the App Store app on your device that shows stuck installing.) Search for, and download the app to i Tunes.

You will be able to install it from the Apps list after that. anyone can comment to my issue: on my ipad mini IOS using the latest version. the app store has 12 pending updates, when you click on it, it does nothing. apps that needs to be updated, is greyout and can't be opened. Smartphone Apps, Tablet Apps and Digital Access subscriptions do not include e-reader editions, Times Insider content, or The New York Times Crossword. The app is quite good, but I've only given it 4 stars, not only because the functionality of its widget makes no sense, but for the poor 'customer service' I received when I brought the problem with it to the NYT's attention.Problem: the widget does not refresh itself (unlike any of the other news app widgets I use).If you click on some apps, I get the waiting, then it hangs. Thanks I have a problem updating apps and downloading apps on my i Phone 6s and everytime I tried to update and download them it pops up the billing information which I don't want to put my information on there for something i wanna download an app.After all, if I've opened the app and reviewed it for the latest news the widget doesn't add anything, and it no longer matters if it's been updated. Since the technology is obviously out there, why can't (or won't) the Times implement it?