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here it is The Courtship Prayer I first saw on a prayer card a couple months ago so I bought it and started praying it. Regrettably, knowledge of Catholic history and teaching does not seem to be one of them. I found a leaflet on St Philomena the Wonder Worker.

The novena was originally designed for exclusive recitation by the presiding priest.

After the Second Vatican Council, the laity were encouraged to participate more in religious activities, thus necessitating a revision of the prayers for uniform use by the laity.

The Archbishop of San Francisco John Joseph Mitty gave his license on 26 August 1941 on a re-print of the original 1927 Portland version.

The Archbishop of New York, Cardinal Francis Spellman granted his license for the novena devotions in Boston, Massachusetts on 20 June 1948.

By research within the United States, numerous texts vary from the Perpetual Help novena used in Redemptorist centers in Portland Brooklyn, Boston, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Saint Louis, Missouri.

Several versions of the Novena were made and circulated from the now-closed St. One of these copies, dating from 1927, was brought to Manila in the Philippine Islands.

The new set of prayers was used in Baclaran Church and became widespread in various Filipino congregations.

The specific acts of Benediction and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament during the novena service, however, remain the exclusive domain of the presiding priest.

Filipino devotees meanwhile use a different tune for Tantum Ergo that is unique to the country.

Ejaculatory private prayers for courtship, against temptations, financial help, and the Memorare are also often added to the set of prayers.

Among Filipino Catholics, the novena is used in Baclaran Church and by Overseas Filipino communities.