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While some parents may be very familiar with camera functions, they will likely be ignorant of first, the range of a mobile’s visual capabilities, and second, of their child’s sexting activities, preferring to claim: “Yea, I heard about other kids doing this but not mine.”Second, should such information and instruction become part of parents’ giving cell phones to their children?

His ecological model of human development is useful for understanding the interplay of forces that impact a developing child at several levels, seen as concentric nested circles surrounding the individual.

Bronfenbrenner and others remind us that young people are not passive recipients of experiences in these settings, but rather they are active participants in a process that includes their actions, transactions and various interactions with others in both immediate face-to-face contact and at-a-distance interaction.

Distributing a photo or possessing one are also felony charges."Sexting cases fall into the latter category -- connections of these microsystems become clearer when we read of “violations” and the potential influence or repercussions of certain unexpected relationships.

As mentioned above, parents equip their children with mobiles to keep them safe and aware of trouble, and to make sure that their kids are safely reaching certain locations, to know if they might be late for appointments and the like.

While sexting may include either words or pictures, the primary concern has been with the visual component and some latent powers in personal photographs that offer ample evidence of how pictures can cause trouble.

Indeed the majority of news reports, journal articles and academic studies about young people and sexting, are alarmist, critical and/or negative, often dramatically negative even, at times, verging on a moral panic.As one example of a mesosystem, we find important connections: Individual teachers and school authorities have been charged with reporting such incidents to local police departments, leading to another agency of socialization.Less so, cases have been reported of school sports coaches (both genders) sexting student athletes, of school principals being in sexting relationships with students, a music/band director, even the rare incidents of a school janitor or custodian and Taking an erotic nude photo of yourself or someone else under the age of 18 is considered manufacturing child pornography in Michigan and is punishable by up to 20 years in prison and 0,000 in fines.This paper seeks an organized way to see how these people (and unanticipated others) relate to one another, some at cross-purposes based on different perspectives, assumptions and remedies.Urie Bronfenbrenner’s (1917-2005) ecological systems theory is particularly helpful for seeing and potentially understanding how bits and pieces of the social landscape fit together or are, at least, related to one and other.This often happens when a teacher insists on confiscating a mobile for illegitimate use (e.g. whether or not state and/or federal child pornography law has been violated.”This material now “comes in” to teenagers via computer and/or cell phone activity, and thanks to cameras in computers and cell phones, sexy images can equally and easily “go out” from willing teenagers.