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It’s almost hard for me to articulate my feelings and emotions so far on this adventure.That being said, it takes a lot for me to be at a loss for words. Well, not really a date, but more of a first meeting between myself and a stranger who I met on online dating before I chucked in the towel.

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Seriously, short of debating religion and politics, we pretty much nailed everything taboo that two people could ever discuss. When I lived in Hamilton, it was very much the way. I hadn't thought about that before but I think he was right. the change of Facebook relationship status - the ultimate relationship barometer of Gen Y), despite barely knowing this person. Why and how on earth could or would you get in to a relationship with someone who days, maybe even hours before, you didn't know? I've been on a few dates with someone over the last couple of weeks and people seem to be assuming that we are now 'an item'. Yes we are enjoying spending time together but neither of us is at the point of considering the other one their boy/girlfriend - and it's cool!

One of the major things we talked about was our thoughts on the Kiwi dating scene, or lack thereof. The expectation was if you "hooked up" with someone, then you were therefore seeing them exclusively and your parents had the green light to begin wedding preparations. But they're not dates - they're box-ticking exercises done because, well, that's the way we do things in these parts. New Zealand seems to treat singledom in a very odd way. It has taken a bit of readjustment as we realise that it is ok to just date and not be in a full-on relationship from the word go.

So, from meet to sleep with was at least a 6-8 week process. In all honesty, if things hadnt gone well on the first couple of dates, (or even in the first couple of weeks from going exclusive) I think we still could have socialised as friends from there on in as there was no pressure - rather more a gradual checking each other out for potential and moving from there.

But then, I think I'm one of the lucky few who get to start a relationship like that!!

@ Espirit, totally agree that the dating culutre here in NZ is very different to America and I also agree with other comments about meeting someone, hooking up (rather quickly)then all of sudden being a relationship with them.

I haven't really thought about this before, but that could be because I've only been single for around 6 months. I've noticed myself checking for wedding rings before I start getting too involved in conversations with people. And please tell me where in Welly you can meet nice normal single people that would like to 'date'!Well a month and a half now as I’m back in Europe for work and my poor blog took a backburner for a week. It’s been 30 days of ups and downs, highs and lows, everything you might expect from a big move abroad.New Zealand has been everything I wished for and more.However, using technology (email, MSN, text/phone etc) to get to know someone well enough to consider a relationship is something I tend to do.Especially since I'm not the going out on the town type.You say: "Why and how on earth could or would you get in to a relationship with someone who days, maybe even hours before, you didn't know?