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So in the 1990’s, Lambda Moo gained a pretty sizeable fan base.At one point there were nearly 10,000 users, and at any given time there were usually about 300 people connected to the system and walking around.

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miss the fact that we’re no longer talking to passive software.There are people who have only-partially-humorous relationships with Siri.In 1993 the admins actually started a ballot system, where users could propose and vote on new policies.There are a ton of really interesting things to say about Lamnda MOO, and if this seems interesting to you, I highly recommend checking out the Alongisde all the players in Lambda MOO, Charles and his team actually created a chatbot called cobot. But the users wanted it to be smart, they wanted to talk to it.So, we treat a mouse very differently than we would an elephant or a dog. [pause] Allison: How do you know it’s sensitive Mima? I think meaningfully we have to be very careful about those kinds of terms if we ever manage to generate a thing that we would be willing to say is conscious. to call it artificial, to say at the outset ‘you are false, your are fake, you are less than,’ presents us with some pretty big ethical challenges.

And we treat a human very differently than any of those things. Rose: That’s Damien Williams, a writer and researcher on everything from about ethics, robots, human augmentation, the occult and science fiction.

The whole thing is set in a mansion, full of various rooms where you can encounter other players.

People hang out in the living room, where they often hear a pet Cockatoo programmed to repeat phrases.

And they would even change their own behavior to help the bot play along. When we talk to a 5 year old, we change the way we speak to help them participate in the conversation.

We construct these complex internal lives for our pets that they almost certainly don’t have.

When we talked, Ted and I spent a lot of time comparing conscious online entities to pets, or to animals more generally. Allison: Do you know if other computers feel sadness too? Rose: And the third one is, by his own admission, kind of boring.