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No matter how amazing you think her body is, she most likely has one or two issues with it.

“I sent my first one at 15,” I recently overheard some 20-something regale her friends with over happy hour gin and tonics.“I can't believe you've never sent one,” she teased one of the girls.

Her confidence and casualness with the topic made the girl second-guess her “prudish” ways; yet I heard, in the back of her throat, the defeat and sorrow in her words.

It's one thing to ask the girl you're dating for one, it's another to ask the girl you met last night at the bar.

It took a few years, but women are slowly learning that “I'll delete it right after” is really code for “I'm going to send it to all my friends, and if we don't work out, I'm posting it on the Internet.”It's one thing to ask a woman for a naked picture, but another level of disrespect to refuse to keep it private.

Ten years ago, if a guy asked you to send him a picture of yourself, you would most likely mail him a photograph.

Okay, 10 years ago we still had Internet, so you would probably email him a scanned photo from a recent family trip to Greece.

When you text them for a picture, they are most likely at work or in some stained, oversized clothing, eating bad food and watching worse TV.

If you haven't taken her out to dinner yet, you have no right to ask her to take a photo.

These are our bodies, our lives and it’s our right to refuse the toning, tanning and snapping.

When did men obtain the right to ask women for such intimate and over-sexualized requests?

Like Brazilian waxes and bleached assh*les, we shouldn't have to give in to some trend created by men.