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The Bullet is a brand-new classic motorcycle that, more than any other motorcycle, makes the journey itself our destination.

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The single cylinders of our Royal Enfield Bullets – Indian-made British heavy metal – are chugging away happily.The bikes are relics of India’s colonial past that are still rolling off the production line today, almost unchanged over the past 60 years.Our generation doesn't believe in wasting precious minutes on providing a polite rejection to an inquiring individual.If you’re lucky enough to make it past the initial profile screening, be prepared for the fact your date is likely dating other people as well.At that age, your interested party is likely fresh out of college, still employed by the safety of a college job and might be living under his or her parents’ roof.

These are not bad things, as you were once there yourself.

So, when I turned 30 as a single woman, I was confident I knew who I was and what I wanted.

But, I came to five unexpected realizations while dating in my early 30s: If you've been out of the dating scene a while, you need to know online dating sites have changed the game.

You're less likely to jump into a relationship unless the checklist of qualities have been met.

If you realize this, then the only thing left to do is realize when you need to let your guard down.

With apps like Plenty of Fish and Ok Cupid, finding a potential partner is based first on looks, and second on personality or connection.