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" "Of course not," Nancy replied smoothly, "and that's why we're here, to help her with her problem." "Do you really think you can help her? "It's not a matter of controlling her, but more like we help her learn to manage her desires," the headmistress answered gently." "God, I certainly hope so," Beth replied. " Nancy turned again to Beth Peters and opined, "I think you can see what we're up against! " "I think that that can be arranged, but first I think you should pull up you skirt and slip off your panties! Nancy took the shell shocked woman by the arm and pulled her to her feet before pushing her face down along side her daughter. The two women probed each others throats as while their pussies spasmed hard around the invading monsters in a seemingly never ending string of earth shattering climaxes!"I certainly do."Now turning her attention to Heather Nancy asked, "Tell me the truth, child, what is it that attracts you to these young black studs? " "Your daughter would have no compunction at all in having sex with a black man even in front of you! " In almost frightening speed the young woman literally tore off her undies while sitting with her legs splayed while vigorously fingering her blonde haired bush! When it was finally over the two of them slumped to the floor with their legs still splayed wide apart while their labia continued twitching spasmodically as the gasped for breath!

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"I try not like it, but when they put their big cocks into my tight little pussy I just cum all over the place! "So, if a young black stud suddenly came into the room what would you do? "Jason has been with us for almost a year now," Nancy said while waiting for the young man to come in. " Both Beth and Heather turned to stare as a young well built black man stopped next to the desk with his head hung down reverently. " "Heather smiled back at her mother and sighed, "Thank you mommy, and I love you!!!"This is Jason," Nancy said, "he will be taking care of Heather's needs." It was obvious that Heather's breathing was becoming quite shallow as she stared at the handsome young stud. "Excuse me Miss, butblah, blah, blah" a man spoke to me as he grabbed my wrist as I walked past him. Still holding my wrist, he bent forward and whispered in my ear, "I said that you have amazing breasts! My eyes quickly scanned the area around me, looking for my husband, who had gone to the toilet some time before. "Emmmm," I stuttered, "most people like my legs, actually." The strangers both stood back and surveyed my lower half. "No man," the first guy argued, "It's the breasts for me. My pale blue eyes were still trying to find my husband, but it was difficult, as they had blocked most of my view. " I laughed as I finally locked onto Rob, my husband. "You're looking for some action." He answered, looking at Gary for confirmation, who smiled and nodded. The music in the club was so loud; I couldn't hear everything that he was saying. For some strange reason I actually looked down and examined my own breasts. I was showing plenty of cleavage, and they were peeping out of my tight dress, obviously aided by a Wonderbra. I can see what they mean." The second man told his friend. Just the right size, not too big, not too small, probably firm and, wella bit of bounce." By they were standing so close to me, I could smell their breath and cologne. He whispered in my ear, "I asked if you liked having your nipples sucked. " Blushing, I replied, "That's for me to know, and you to find out!The smile on my face told me that if things continued, Rob might have his fantasy come true. " Ed greeted me."Did you think that I was going to run away from you? With a grin the size of Kansas on his face Gary began unbuckling his belt and dropping his trousers.

As I pushed through the queue of women at the toilet door I saw Ed and Gary waiting in the corridor for me. Ed's tongue felt as big as his cock as it wrestled with my tonsils.As soon as I moved my panties Gary's cock nudged my lips apart."Uh, uh, uh!" I quietly grunted, as inch by inch his fat cock filled and stretched my 'one man' pussy.His hands were on my arse trying to pull me onto his cock.Our kissing was becoming frantic as we moved our hips trying to get him past my pants and into my soaking pussy. It was so hot I thought that I might actually burn myself.It looked about the same length as Rob's, but was much, much fatter. Gary's cock prodded at my tiny black G-string, as he slid his own hot tongue into my mouth.