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I have known her for about 20 years and she still turns me on a lot ... I am 67 yoa now..when I was about 40 , my sex drive dropped for a few years... I came back to Mexico and hooked up with my lover... I got to the point that real life women don't turn me on that much in order to achieve a strong erection and be able to sustain a sexual intercourse.Anyway, I got involuntary pretty strong erections almost every night but they fade off shortly after I wake up.All you need is your free Firecam membership, horny mood and naughtiest fantasies. Order a private nude chat or an exclusive adult show, and live your dreams now, with no delays.

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I have observed that I have lost the ability to maintain erect during intercource or I only get weak erection.My question is: does masturbation in association with porn will "exhaust" my interest towards sex and create a negative impact on my ability to get aroused in real sex?I am living with a 45 year old Mexican Lady down here in Mexico...We play around a lot and have sex 3 to 5 times a week... house "prison" In those 23 months I had little to do with sex and thought that I had lost it for good... Hi, I'm 33 years old and I have been masturbating for almost 20 years, most of the time in the company of porn. I'm experiencing the same issue: my erections became weaker and weaker during the last years.I m worried cause I think I m still young to have physical cause for ED. Dear Max, By using porn so readily you are allowing your fantasies to become real.

In turn, you will never be able to find a woman who lives up to these expectations that falsly get you excited.Porn is ok with another to stimulate your contact with her/him, however, you will go down a long lonly path if you let porn become your lover.Hope this helps Over A I have struggled with this same problem.I'm healthy otherwise, not overweight, non-smoker, so I think it is the porn addiction and masturbation habit that brought me into this situation.It looks like my habit done over and over again for so many years has seriously altered my sexual sensitivity to real life women and to normal intercourse.Spend Time Chatting With Married Men and Women About Every Topic You Can Imagine.