Mandating overtime

There are times when there is no way out of mandated overtime but those times are few and far between.

I got statted of for all three of the last holidays so that personnel who have less than a year in could get good overtime; I got to spend the time with grand children and my children and my husband but they chose to stat me off for people whom have less time in, because it would cost them less; I have 13 years in the service I work at a County facility in PA.

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Most will use every avenue of approach to keep from mandating anyone, but there is one that absolutely refuses to make any calls.When he’s on everyone on the list can just about bet on being mandated. I saw the push to outlaw mandating as an effort by the union trying to force the state to staff appropriately. Mc Donalds, Wal Mart, and the State of Illinois, Department of Corrections, is understaffed.Our institution is back in the habit of 20 or 30 (sometimes more! I realize some of you have more than that, but I bet your state did not outlaw mandates as a means to staffing a mere year and a half ago! IW Our institution runs a madatory list that starts at the beginning of the month and ends on the last day.The lowest senior officer is mandated first unless someone volunteers and even then the OT is given to the most senior the reason most prisons have to mandate overtime. That causes people who have already worked 8 hours, to be froze for another 8 hours. Officers need to weed out the ones who call off due to being .

When they do come to work and their fellow Officers no longer want to be their buddy, it doesn’t take long for the message to come across.My opinion…the posts that are labeled “mandatory, as needed” (yes, that is a real phrase in alone to cover emergency situations. A lot of us who are in the bottom half of the seniority list didn’t like that system because nobody could figure out when they would be hit. Add a call-off and two people with training that day and we’ve got half a shift frozen. Mandates start at the bottom of the seniority list and work up until the bottom 2/3 of the roster has been mandated, then it goes back to the bottom.Right now, whoever is lowest in seniority gets tagged unless he was froze the night before. And sometimes we’ll have two emergency trips out at the same time. Over the past year there was a big push to outlaw mandatory overtime. So the top 1/3 of the roster generally doesn’t get mandated.I know this seems confusing to some, but it works well, and it is a fair system for both volunatary and mandated overtime. When you work OT, you are moved to the bottom of the list which works well when we only need a few per day but it does get quite out of hand at times.The key is it is the unions responsibility to call and fill the OT, an mantain the call lists. Idaho is a “right to work” state so labor laws are pretty much non-existent Illinois, welcome to the real world of public service.Those that have quite a bit of seniority never get mandated.