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Local news outlet The Star reported that police seized 14 bank account books, 21 ATM cards, 10 handphones and several other items. officials, speaking to Reuters, claim that Malaysian police lack the resources to deal with the broader problem, and that no case involving a U.

“Our initial investigations revealed that all five of the Nigerian suspects were in Malaysia on student visas,” a police official told a press conference.

Family members may become alarmed when they discover financial transactions taking place and become critical of the developing relationship.

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Another is called the “Business Email Compromise” or BEC scams where hackers target businesses that typically conduct wire transfers.• Photos: FBI on B. Sometimes, businesses are asked by those who they think are their typical vendors to wire money to an alternate, fraudulent account. When the most beautiful woman in the world wanted to marry me, it was too good to be true.” Mc Murray said he worked with the FBI and sure enough, the woman wanted to deposit ,000 into his bank account, and have him send it to an address in Georgia. ring that had taken money from a Beverly Hills company and wanted to use Mc Murray to help them.Another scam involves mimicking a CEO’s e-mail address, which is then used to fool an employee in the company responsible for processing wire transfers. Tim Mc Murray, a 61-year-old Gardena man, said he almost became what’s called a “money mule” when he met a woman on in late December. The woman, if she was a woman the FBI said, was part of a B. Mc Murray said he went online to meet a nice lady as a promise to his dying mother, but he learned a lesson. “These arrangements only end up in heartbreak,” said Bowdich, who was flanked by officials with the Internal Revenue Service, the state Attorney General’s Office and several investigators with local law enforcement agencies.Bowdich said anyone can be duped, from older people such as Kathy who just want companionship, to young men who fall for photos of pretty girls to people in the LGBT community.The victims feels that they have found the partner of their dreams and the person they want to spend the rest of their life with and will go to great lengths to be with the one they love.

Once the emotional attachment is strong, the scammer claims misfortune in some manner - a car accident, a mugging, a hospital in-patient, loss of wallet and paperwork, money needed for their business, sick mother, sick child needs medical bills paid, birthday gifts, tuition fees or their hotel was burnt down with all their paperwork and belongings now destroyed.

They use poetic scripts to play the role of the romantic, sweet, kind, caring and considerate lover.

They like to follow a story or script because they can remain consistent and reduce the amount of contradictions that can create doubt because it is several people talking to one victim at any one time.

If you are experiencing more than one of the above signs, you are being scammed.

If you have been sent money to buy an airline ticket, you are being set up by a drug syndicate as a mule.

There are usually several people involved in a romance scam (particularly University students) that are networking between the globe eg. They use phone numbers starting with Nigerian country code 234 and redirect to anywhere in the world phone numbers 4470, and 13 and VOIP numbers such as Magic Jack.