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That quirk was deliberately engineered into Super CVT-i for it to feel “normal” to most users, but if you’re jumping into this Altis from the old one, what’s not normal is the new car’s seemingly resistance free drivetrain; the low NVH levels was something I really grew to appreciate over our few days with the car.It glides off as quietly as you’d like, and the engine ticks at just 2,000 rpm at a 110 km/h cruise.

All models get a green ECO light that well, lights up when you’re light on the throttle.You can also call up an ECO meter from the trip computer if the former isn’t enough.Talking about sporty, it’s a nice rim design, but they’re still only 16-inch items and there’s no bodykit at launch.As mentioned in our initial test drive at Sepang, Malaysian bound cars will have a light coloured cabin across the board, instead of the black that some markets get for their 2.0V.The facelifted Toyota Corolla Altis will be officially launched tomorrow (23 September) and if you missed our previous posts, here’s the lowdown.

A new ZR range of Dual VVT-i engines are now in place, and there’s a 2.0-litre range topper to join the 1.8 and 1.6.

Although it isn’t greatly changed from the old model, the little differences make a positive difference.

The grey soft plastics that line the top half of the dash and door mouldings are in a darker shade than before, and the faux wood trim is now in tasteful dark wood with a matte finish.

As noticed in our first drive in Sepang, this Super CVT-i gearbox is more alike a conventional automatic than any CVT this writer has ever used.

I’m betting that many showroom test drivers won’t even know that it’s a stepless gearbox unless told.

The seat base (driver gets electric adjustment with lumbar control) could have been longer too, although the leather covers weren’t as slippery as in the Sepang cars. Drive wise, the Altis is a smooth operator with this new drivetrain.