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She has spent the past year bashing Trump and his supporters (I happen to be a Trump supporter) on social media.

To make matters worse, from reviewing her Instagram account, I see that Meredith has had many, many lovers (as in double digit figures) and she sleeps around.

Do you think I should give Meredith a fair chance and ignore her past? Do you think if a relationship develops, Meredith could grow out of her Feminista past?

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She has openly talked about her sex life on social media for everyone to see.

She doesn’t know I dug up this information, but since finding it out, I am very troubled.

With the exception of the data I dug up, Meredith has not shown any Red Flags and has been submissive and accepting of my advances.

She has gone on every date out of the five I’ve asked her on.

So when she brings up something you don’t agree with, just keep your trap shut and don’t get into it with her – that’s the foolproof way of heading off any arguments.

When she tells you how much she digs Hillary Clinton, just say “Yup, she’s a great woman,” and move onto something else.I need your support - no one else but me brings this kind of content to you - please support me and yourself at the same time (your choice of audio, book or PDF)!However, if you get into a long term relationship with or marry Meredith, this could end up being a problem for you, guy.Like my cousin Rabbi Love says, “Because of the internet, everyone knows what everyone else is up to nowadays.” The last thing you want is to hear something like, “Hey, Herb, I hear you’re in love with the town tramp!” One major reason for Meredith’s big mouth when it comes to her sex life is that she’s just 22. says, “Lots of girls between 18 and 22 like to get around.”I understand why you’d want to end it with Meredith, but if I were you I would date Meredith as well as other women .She is constantly ranting on feminist themes and seems obsessed with the subject.