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24 images and 13 poems will come alive through 24 visual art pieces by about 12 local female illustration artists from in and around Montreal. Formerly known as OPEN24 , we've kept him on our radar up until the release of his new music video.

Matt Yonge is a Montreal/Toronto native artist who's been working on his debut EP release for quite some time now. Shortly after the official release of I Think You’ve Gone Mad, Toronto's Sean Leon decided to drop the first video off the project, which is a short film titled "81" or also known as "Until The Water Turns Black And It Gets Too Deep" .

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"Confessions of a..." is an on-going column where we invite readers to submit their most outrageous personal stories anonymously for everyone to read.These stories are real, and usually come from people who lead double-lives. After not seeing each other for two years, my girlfriend from high school came to visit me at college.On my way out the door, my roommate stopped me for a casual chat.I tried to play it cool, making polite conversation, until the smell of the poopy pantaloons wafted up to my nose and I couldn't take it anymore.This particularly lady started off like an innocent child waiting for me to deflower her panty fantasies. I will use traditional gender pronouns (he, she) and labels (man/male, woman/...

If you live in Montreal, you've probably watched at least one music video from La Maison Bald Man .

Okay Vagpire, I’ll even throw in my bloody tampon so you can make tea, thank me later ;)One gentleman caller (if you could call him that) had an even dirtier request.

This filthy bastard asked me to wear a pair of panties all day and then shit in them right before I went to meet him.

While it was once only possible to play games such as Sonic or Street Fighter using a game controller and a...

The Georges-Vanier Cultural Centre will be home to a homegrown exposition marrying the visual arts with creative writing.

After a spell of pervy-ass men, I thought maybe my luck would change when a lady sent me an email. I'd like you to buy a t-shirt (cheap Fruit Of The Loom will do) so this way when I wear it, it will be like having your armpits against mine. Also, I'm into zoofilia but not many people are into this...