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This means they can incorporate a wiper seal at the bottom of the upper structure.

Just above the seal you find what Cannondale are calling a ‘slide bearing’, which is what we commonly refer to as a bushing.

This increases resistance to cavitation (the emulsification of the damper’s fluid) and allows for use of less oil overall, to keep the system lighter.

Finally, the top-tier Lefty Carbon XLR also features the XLoc but pairs it with a filament-wound upper leg with bonded alloy dual crown clamps, for a 100g weight saving.

The new Lefty chassis Hanna said that the inverted structure of the forks puts material where it’s most needed, and allows Cannondale engineers to use less material more efficiently: “The key behind all of those characteristics is our dual crown inverted design and the needle bearing system.”The lower leg (sliding stanchion) on the new Lefty is just 32mm.

“You’ll see some other guys in the industry using it.

We play well with other suspension companies, so we’re not enforcing that patent, but I want you to know we came up with it.”Cannondale’s isolated damper is like other closed models, in which the main purpose is to keep air and oil separate.

“This is the biggest innovation that we’ve made in a long, long time, since its inception,” said Drew Hanna, Cannondale’s Lefty product manager.

“For the last 13 years we’ve been the lightest, stiffest, strongest and smoothest fork in the industry,” said Hanna.

But the key to the fork’s stiffness lies at the top of this stanchion, where Cannondale taper the tube from round to square.

A four-piece needle bearing system is the fork’s main anchor for stiffness, strength and smoothness.“The larger top tube allows us to distribute the forces more evenly in the zone where it’s concentrated,” said Hanna.

There’ll be three travel options for 26in wheels – 130mm, 120mm and 100mm – and two for 29ers – 100mm and 90mm.

At the heart of the new fork is the company’s Hybrid Needle Bearing Technology, which pairs Cannondale’s trademark square stanchion and needle bearing designs with a lower, fixed traditional bushing.

“We’re lighter than your lightest cross-country forks.