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Another verse describes her tempting "Deacon Lowdown" when she "wiggled her jelly roll" at him.

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Calloway and his band provide most of the short's score and themselves appear in a live-action introduction, playing "Prohibition Blues".

The thirty-second live-action segment is the earliest-known film footage of Calloway.

This explains why both the short version and the long version end with the words "Poor Min, poor Min".

Minnie herself is mentioned in a number of other Cab Calloway songs, including "Minnie the Moocher's Wedding Day", "Ghost of Smoky Joe", "Kickin' the Gong Around", "Minnie's a Hepcat Now", "Mister Paganini - Swing for Minnie", "We Go Well Together", and "Zah Zuh Zaz".

In the 1979 film Escape to Athena, Stefanie Powers sings "Minnie the Moocher" for an audience of German officers in a POW camp.

The band The Mystic Knights of Oingo Boingo performed the song in the Richard Elfman film Forbidden Zone, with altered lyrics and titled "Squeezit the Moocher", after one of the movie's characters, Squeezit Henderson.(Bette Davis sings this version in The Cabin in the Cotton). The character "Smokey" is described as "cokey", meaning a user of cocaine; the phrase "kicking the gong around" was a slang reference to smoking opium. She was a familiar figure In downtown Indianapolis.A 82-year-old woman whose real name was Minnie Gayton, she acquired the quaint nickname of "The Moocher" by regularly begging food from grocers and carting it off in a baby buggy. During the record-breaking blizzard, her body was found on a porch, blanketed with snow. Calloway also wrote an extended version, adding verses that describe Minnie and Smokey going to jail; Minnie pays Smokey's bail, but he abandons her there."Minnie the Moocher" is most famous for its nonsensical ad libbed ("scat") lyrics (for example, "Hi De Hi De Hi De Hi").In performances, Calloway would have the audience participate by repeating each scat phrase in a form of call and response.Some of these songs indicate that Minnie's boyfriend Smoky was named Smoky Joe as well.