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Therefore, identifying such genes in the plant model Arabidopsis thaliana should help us identify their homologs in other species, but working with Arabidopsis is much easier,” explains Mercier as he purposefully strides through one of the center’s experimental greenhouses.

- Crossing over with Raphaël Mercier: the mechanics of meiosis.

Read the article- Mutations are a source of genetic diversity. Read the article Awards and distinctions- Raphaël Mercier receives an award from the Simone and Cino del Duca Foundation - Institut de France.

Thousands of projects have been built by our clients in all sectors of activity: residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, civil engineering, and agricultural.

Following are a few representative projects that stand out because of size in cubic metres and visibility on Quebec’s urban landscape.

First, he would like to identify new, relevant genes and understand how they are organized in networks. Second, as they are being repaired, fragments are swapped.

Then, it might be possible to develop a mechanistic model describing this crucial cell division process.(1) Crossing-over occurs when DNA fragments are exchanged by homologous chromosomes during the first meiotic division. During a given meiotic cycle for a given chromosome, the DNA strand is broken at a minimum of 250 locations. However, on average, two result in crossing-over events.This job search filter does not show job postings based on the education level required by the employer.It rather indicates the type of training usually required for these occupations according to the National Occupational Occupation.Consequently, Mercier’s research has had a major impact in the field of plant biology.Although he is relatively young for a researcher director, Mercier feels his position is a good fit for him.This is no surprise, given the scientist’s keen intellect.