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Nice full page movie poster ad for “A woman's secret” with Maureen O'Hara, Melvyn Douglas and others. General Motors car show at the New York Waldorf Astoria. Neat two page color Oldsmobile ad with many cars on freeway. Full page Woodbury soap ad with wedding of “Calise” Caroline Louise Chauvenet to John Conley. Very, very pretty full page color Forstmann Woolens ad in black, grey and peach. Awesome two page color Plymouth ad with handsome blue four door car. Awesome and colorful full page movie poster ad with "In King Arthur's Court." Mechanical miner, for coal ming, by Joy Manufacturing Company. Sports - Gorgeous Gussie, Augusta Moran a tennis player. Full page Plymouth ad with Toby Couture, head test driver. Full page Sanforized fabrics ad with more of Gregori's humorous art. Travel - the Rocky road to Rio, Paul Harder and Dick Walker motorcycle to Rio de Janeiro. Nice full page movie poster ad for “Roughshod” starring Robert Sterling, John Ireland and others.

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Nice full page color Budweiser beer ad with art by Howard Klau Forsberg. Neat full page color Maxwell House Coffee ad with art by Anton Otto Fisher showing freighter ship in heavy seas. Nice full page color Hamm's beer ad with golfer Olin Dutra. Two Vermonters in jail for debt, Bernard Smith and Ralph Fugatt. Nice full page color Champion spark plug ad with race car driver art by Noel Sickles. Movie - “Sorrowful Jones.” Surgery in color television. Unusual full page color Ford ad with small two door maroon car. Miss New Orleans gets public paddling, Barbara Jean Cauthen and husband George. Hospital burning tragedy in Effingham Illinois, including Doris Brummer, Bobby Ries, Fern Riley. Two page color Kelvinator refrigerators ad seven different models. World's first sun-heated (solar heat) home in Dover, Massachusetts. Those famous photos - effects of a 300 MPH wind on human face. Another (Victor) Reuther is ambushed, his brother Walter was a year ago. Full page Ammident tooth powder ad with Dora Scheflan and her son.Photo of Philadelphia football game where all the players had to haul a snow-covered tarp off the field before the game could start. Nice full page color movie poster ad for “Streets of Laredo.” Pyramid club craze sweeps nation - chain letter pyramid schemes, including photos of Peggy Walden, Mrs. New army has a housing scandal, Fort Dix shacks, including photos of Charles and Janet Blanchard, Will Webb family. “A southern solution” by Sam Jones, ex-governor of Louisiana. Absolutely charming full page color Esquire boot polish ad with kitten. Wow - two page color movie poster ad for “Mighty Joe Young” gorilla.Gibson girl Irene Gibson goes to party in New York. The war memoirs of Winston Churchill, Volume 2, part 5. Named photos of 50 famous people who have associated themselves with a Communist organization. Full page Ipana tooth paste ad with Don and Eloise Phillips. Extremely handsome full page color De Soto car ad with maroon four door car.Negroes are Americans, includes excellent photo of Jackie Robinson with his wife and son, baseball. LIFE photographers take a neat photo of natives catching fish in funnel traps on the Congo River. Cute photo of terrier dog named Skipper (Rehoboth Beach, Delaware) cooling himself in a tub of water. Life Congratulates: Henry Fonda, Nellie Brown, Sally Brady (Queen of Freckles), Dr. Full page color Neolite Soles (shoe soles) ad with the Gilbert family of Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. Guns and Bibles smuggled to Indonesia, written by Roy Rowan. Animals grow in sterile room at Notre Dame by Eugene Smith. Feature on "Russia through Russian eyes." Full page Sinclair Opaline Motor Oil ad with cowboy art by Lee Wood. College football review, Al Wietert, Walter Teninga, Richard Kempthorn, Doak Walker, Jim Owens, Leon Hart, Arnold Galiffa. Neat article showing how three different decorators would do the same room, Nancy V. Full page color Hart Schaffner & Marx suits with art by Tom Hall. American finds mountain higher than Everest by Leonard Francis Clark - Amnyi Machen. Crosley Refrigeration company holds biggest giveaway contest ever. New movie - All the kings men - about Willie Stark.

Photo of the death of stunt parachutist Arthur Smith at Three Rivers, Michigan. Serge Boussevitzky, Mayor Walter Kolb, George Bernard Shaw, Gail Russell, Jack Pyland Jr, Stephen Meunier. Big feature article on the "War Babies hitting the First Grade" - I believe this is the leading edge of the Baby Boomers. Pancho Gonzales and Ted Schroeder battle for 34 games in one tennis set. Gorgeous two page color Chen Yu finger nail polish ad. Johnson & Johnson ad featuring children art by Gladys Rockmore Davis (GRD). The wrecked wedding of Raymond Rossi and Alma Mohr, Nature Boys, Napa, California, Wesley Gardner. Lovely two page color Studebaker ad with red car and city lights. The education of a Black Lab dog, Deer Creek Kennels in ST. Cute half page color Barbasol shaving creme ad with football player and cheerleader. Blaha, Raymond Blank Memorial Hospital, in Des Moines. Feature on animals in trouble, broken bones, more shenanigans, including dog named Yankee, race horse named Gotta Gal. Pretty full page ad with color for Reed & Barton Burgundy sterling flatware pattern. Henry Blackmer's return recalls Teapot Dome oil scandal. Hallmark cards two page ad featuring Norman Rockwell painting a greeting card. Charleston dance contest featuring a flapper and a tiger. Spectators at the Army-Navy game - past players watch the game. Two pages of photos of famous spectators at Army - Navy football game. Hawaiian Rancher cargo ship listing - great photos. Feature on Joe Smith of Carlsbad, who was killed in American Airlines plane crash on November 29th. Study of Japanese children shows delayed effects of atomic radiation. Fifth avenue beauty hunt - Eileen Godsil, Bette Dubro, Nancy Bass, Dody Heath, Pat Collins. Full page "Black & White" scotch whisky ad with scottie dogs, art by Morgan Dennis.

I watch for paired orders from the two stores, combine shipping and refund any overpayment. Full page Ipana tooth paste as with Nancy Thompson. Nice half page color Prince Albert tobacco ad with skiing theme. Rodney Altman plays the "Whiffenpoof song." Neat full page ad for Caronia Cruises, a new Cunard White Star line ship. Pasadena chooses annual Rose Queen, Virginia Bower. Conscientious cop arrests relatives, Le Roy Kaschub in Belvidere, Illinois. Humorous group of photos concerning a no-talking contest with Charles R. Unusual full page color 1949 Kaiser ad with green car and oil tanker in back ground. Two page color movie poster ad for Walt Disney's “So Dear to my Heart.” Nice full page color Canadian Club whiskey ad with lumberjack log floating theme. Well-fed starlet romps in snow, Cleo Moore in California. Widow of lynch victim sobs out her grief, Amy Mallard in Lyons, Georgia - jury found white men not guilty, shame on the jury. Nice full page color Maxwell House coffee ad with skiing, ski hill theme. Full page color US Army and US Air Force recruiting service ad, many photos, "This is the life of an aviation cadet." Full page color Upjohn pharmaceuticals ad with some rather odd art by Clarence Carter. Full page color Seagram's whisky ad with skiing theme. Theater - “Death of a Salesman.” Education - future Farriers. - Full page Ipana tooth paste ad with Pat Barnard of Great Neck, New York. Cute full page Bell Telephone ad with family jumping for the phone when it rings. Very neat night-time photos of helicopter taking off with lights on ends of rotors, photos by Andreas Feininger. Jane Nobel, female legislator from Kokomo, Indiana. Life visits Gary Cooper, includes abandoned house in Aspen, Colorado. Cute full page Sanforized fabrics ad "Ben Hur(ts) with art by Gregori. Oilman Glenn Mc Carthy opens his new million Shamrock Hotel in Houston. Full page color Schenley whiskey ad with golfing scene. full page American Airlines ad stating that the Douglas DC-3 makes its last passenger flight this month, as was the DC-4 last year, to make way for the DC-6 and the Convair - nice little explanation of airline history. Show girls learn acrobatics - Elsie Alzana and Bella Attardi. Neat full page color 1949 Ford ad with three wood-sided station wagons. Hawaiian strike nears showdown, including photo of Mrs. Photo essay, Hillsdale High, including photos of senior class, the band, top 15 students, Dick Kessler, Douglas Arnold, Pat Estell, Bill Pulley, David Hayhow, Rosalee Rossetti, Walter Dimmers, Bill Katzenmeyer, Betty Tenney, Caroline Bowsman, Esther Duncan, Bill shilling, Bob Hughes, Esther Duncan and many others. Sports, the Washington Huskies, collegiate rowing, including photos of Charlie Mc Carthy, Al Ulbrickson, Rod Johnson, Norman Buvick and others. Wow - two page color Jantzen swimsuit and sunclothes ad. Georgia Neese Clark becomes first woman Treasurer of the USA. Gussy's lace panties startle Wimbledon, Getrude Moran tennis player. Very pretty full page color Pontiac ad with blue convertible. Cover girl Ann Pederson of Santa Rosa gets a diploma and a crown. City against Auto - photo essay, Los Angeles and freeways. Full page color Youngstown kitchens ad with art by Hamon.

Humorous follow-up letters to the Macy's story (LIFE December 13, 1948), including one from a man who said his box arrived all smashed - I thought the same when I saw the Macy's man sliding down the chute with the parcels! Full page Woodbury soap ad with wedding of Katherine Ellison and George J. The icecap saga has a happy ending, men from stranded planes rescued from Greenland icecap - many excellent photos. Full page color Lord Calvert ad with portrait of Robert L. Close-up - portrait of Mister Papa, Ernest Hemingway. Cute full page Listerine ad with girl turning down a date over the telephone. Nice group of photos of active Americans over 100 years of age : Nathaniel Vickers, Floence E. Census tryout is held in Indiana, includes photos of Gwenn Brandenburg, Eugene Klein, Robert Reed, Albert Geis, John Carson and others. Photo essay - Williams college, many great college photos. Unfolding house designed by Carl Koch and produced by Acorn Houses. - Nice full page color Western Electric ad with Bell System telephone 302G-3F and original box. Cute full page Keepsake diamond rings ad wit hart by Michael. The War Memoirs of Winston Churchill, Volume 2, part 4, includes portrait section of fighter pilots. Photo essay - story of a fighter Vince Foster, Leonard Mccombe photos. Quite lovely full page color Du Pont nylon ad with nurse with baby. Very nice full page color Pennsylvania Railroad ad. Three-year-old prepares for the 1964 Olympics, Dianne Kallio lifts weights. Nice full page Champion spark plugs ad with maple syrup collecting theme. Cute full page color Petri wine ad with mouse and cheese. “The Lady” flies nonstop around the world, with photos of Roland Bonner, Melvin Davis, Virgil Young, Robert Davis, Glenn Hacker and others. Life goes to a Texas A & M party, it is also one of the biggest military schools in the US. Lucky Lieutenant Glenn Davis is greeted by Elizabeth Taylor. One of the most amazing photos and stories EVER - Truck driver Bill Cox trapped in his burning tanker truck, he was actually rescued! Nice full page color Kotex ad with art by Tom Hall. Full page color Lucky STrike cigarettes ad with woman fly fishing. Cute full page color Hanes men's underwear ad, bias cut shorts. Musical “Miss Liberty.” Korean assassin Kim Koo dies by gunfire. Slipstream strips sliding stunter (very funny photos! Seward Glacier, Alaska exploration led by Colonel Walter A. Clowns, with full page color photo of Paul Jung, many others in color on following pages.

Jackson Pollock, great American Painter, his art in color. Another charming full page color Post Toasties corn flakes cereal ad with art by Gregori. LIFE girls go to Miss America contest, Mary Jane Stone, Georgine Rith Leeka and Jone Ann Pedersen. Full page color Western Electric ad with art by Gail Phillips. Two page color movie poster ad for “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon” starring John Wayne. Nemo adjustable waist foundations ad, only 1/4 page but wow, what a woman! Trrobnick (Annandale, Virginia) with note about how to wear a bikini swimming suit. Full page color World Book Encyclopedia ad with art by Lockhart. Nice full page page of Jackie Robinson being kicked out of the game by an umpire, baseball. Nice full page color American Airlines ad with two flight attendants (stewardesses). Photo essay - 4-H fair in Clay County, Iowa, including photos of Morgan Mugge, Beverly Maurier, Don Pierson, Mary Belle Schomaker, Bonnie Garton, Bennett Mugge, Bobby Morfitt and others. White-collar cowboy - Ray Kent family purchase Silver Spur ranch in Arizona. Full page color Chesterfield cigarettes ad with Glenn Ford in a red hunting shirt with gun. Sequel to story in LIFE October 21, 1946 on the Hales' adopting the French village of Maille. Funny story on some unique scholarships allow young students to attend college, including Mrs. Ragsdale, Robert Schmoll, Maynard Burkhardt, Landis Cotton, others. Strippers fight - Evangeline Sylvas emerges from oyster shell and Divena - performs in a water tank at Casino Royale. Rescue of crew of B-29 ditched 400 miles from Bermuda. Famous daughters - Virginia Le Arta Jensen, Sharman Douglas, Princess Magaret, Margaret Truman. Full page Statler Hotels ad with cartoon art by Tony Barlow. GORGEOUS full page color Coca-cola ad with Santa claus and elf. Most beautiful 15 years olds in the US - Marion Elizabeth Goes, Virginia Spicer, Cyd Chapman, Barbara Binion, Jackie Lee Barnes. Humorous story about Red Flannel Day in Cedar Springs, Michigan. Sculptor Wheeler Williams decorates a New York building.

Photographer Jurg Klages photographs the animals at the Zurich zoo. Two pages of sexy photos of girls in the Ken Murray vaudeville revue "Blackouts" - dressed as if for sports, skiing (Jean Marshall), golf (Joan Morley), baseball (Consuelo Cezon), hiking (Joann and Jean Corbett), more. Children with Polio isolated, photos show parents peeping in through windows, including Don Fisher (Chariton, Iowa), Mr. Pennant wind-up leaves fans gasping - lots of baseball photos including full page photo of Joe Dimaggio. Housing - home built like a sidewalk, designed by Wallace Harrison, built by IBEC housing. Life goes to the window - horse betting with Robert K. The Navy's new flameproof suit for fire rescue work. Funny article comparing the emotion expressions of eight different actresses including Marilyn Monroe, Jane Nigh and others. Nancy goes to Rio - movie starring dancer Nita Bieber. Men's resort fashions including photos of John Wilmerding, Varvel Lange, toddler Alexander Wall and many others. Nice half page Vaseline Hair tonic ad with close-up of skier with pole tips and ski binding. Nice understated full page Cunard White Star shipping line ad. Nice full page color Santa Fe railroad ad with Indian Chief. Maxwell house full page color ad with caroling art by James Bingham. Great photos of unusual animals - bats, squid, pigeon, rattlesnake, dragonfly. Very beautiful full page color Soft-Weve toilet paper ad with different kind of art. Picture - parachuting Santa is caught in power lines, Robert Niles. Champion Black Labrador dog Marvadel Black Gum, Blackie. Mechanical bricklayer demonstration with ID Ginnwright and Robert Cook. It takes a Russian to beat a Russian, mistakes the Germans made, by Wallace Carroll. LOVELY full page color Miller High Life beer ad with woman sitting on crescent moon in wreath.

Theater - “Anne of the Thousand days.” Life spends New Year's eve in Hollywood. Extremely cute full page photo of Julia Mae Jinnette asleep. Charming half page Gaines dog food ad with Dachshund dog. Very nice full page color Champion spark plugs ad with ice skating scene, art. The chicken of tomorrow, breeding for faster growing, plumper birds. Nice full page color Chesterfield ad on back cover with Joan Crawford. European coast is great travel destination, Portugal, Spain, France, Low Countries, Norway and Denmark, great photos. Outstanding graduates of 1949: Robert Brentano, Minturn Tatum Wright, Lionel Noel, David Woodruff, Richard Carvolth. Full page color Budweiser ad with sailing theme, art by Howard Klau Forsberg. 10 pages in color - includes photos of Ted and Margery Wells, Oshkosh Yacht Club, Wilfred Gmeiner, Detroit Yacht Club, Murray Knapp's Blitzen. Very cool full page color Nash airflyte ad with sci-fi looking green car. New harvest adds to big wheat surplus, includes photos of Waggoner ranch (Texas), Roy Judd. “Silly Honey” shoots a ballplayer - Ruth Ann Burns and Eddie Waitkus of Philadelphia Phillies, baseball. Unusual full page Goodrich tires ad with crewing theme. Life visits Palumbo's restaurant in Philadelphia, many parties on June 11th. Peter Schlumbohm the inventor, kettles, coffee makers. Mule beats horses, Camp Carson, Colorado - Hambone.