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"The amount of work and dedication he has for basketball is insane," said Noah, 17, of Logan Square, whose 11-16 squad plays Amundsen High School in Monday's first round of the IHSA Class 4A Maine South Sectional.

"He's always thinking about basketball 24/7, and it makes me want to work 10 times harder," Noah said, who noted Mc Elwain texts him several times a week, always providing advice on how he can become a better leader.

At Yale, Rory returns from class to find that Emily has redecorated their common room.

Meanwhile, Richard ponders a proposal to take on a new business partner.4.04 - Chicken or Beef (69) (Tuesday 14th October 2003) Prod# 176154Back home for the weekend, Rory has an uncomfortable encounter with Dean, her ex, and ends up getting invited to his wedding the next day.

"You can't help but be affected by it." Mc Elwain said Lo Galbo "is a little like me: passionate, loves the game, loves the kids being successful.

He's always working at it no matter what, always trying to better his craft and doing whatever it takes." Last summer, Lo Galbo was joined in Iowa by 21 Indians players, and Mc Elwain began to mold impactful relationships.

NORTH CENTER — Noah Khan knows a boost of motivation is just a text message away.

The Lane Tech junior point guard consistently communicates with Jason "J-Mac" Mc Elwain, the former boys basketball manager who captured the nation's heart after he scored 20 points in four minutes at the end of his team's last regular-season home game in 2006.

"They should be proud of their team," said Mc Elwain, 26.

"They've given everything they have and left everything on the floor." Lo Galbo, a Lane Tech alumnus who's been a coach in the program for nine seasons and head coach for six, first met Mc Elwain three years ago at the Snow Valley Iowa Basketball School — which was showcased in as one of the country's top camps for learning individual fundamentals.

While the Tigers offense stalled against top-tier defenses Alabama and Florida (Nos.

2 and 5 nationally in Defensive S&P ), including a botched final play that cost the Tigers a win against UF, decision-makers at LSU understood the truth — Ensminger and Orgeron could only advanced former offensive coordinator Cam Cameron’s playbook so far from week to week during the season.

During practices, he'll still dive on the floor for loose balls. "I try to show our players not to have any fear." His passion has more than rubbed off on the Indians.