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This time I got a Gustav in Sand and it's gorgeous. And after a few days walking around steamy Istanbul, where Gustaf dubbed as a camera bag, the yellow showed faded pale areas. I saw a guy on the Manhattan subway carrying the Gustav bag. Having appreciated the bags from afar, I needed to get my hands on one and see if the look was paired with intuitive design that could stand the test of time. Taking a closer look, I searched for visible sewing defects, misplaced stitches and uneven hems. I passed over it once more, this time looking for minor flaws only someone in the industry would discover or notice, inside back-tacks, stitch evenness, finishing. Row upon row of quality stitches only a life of sewing can reproduce. I planned on using it the way the designer intended, adhering to compartmentalization, putting pens into their respective pockets and the like.

Moreover, I'm privileged to have had Mr Shai Levy attend to my order with his advice & patience. First look Removing the Japanese cotton canvas and Italian leather bag from its natural colored cotton slip the care in construction is immediately obvious. Long have I searched for this quality of waxed-cotton canvas, one that combines a tight weave without looking like burlap; a canvas that is strong yet comfortable. A fabric that inspires confidence in its longevity without seeming heavy-handed, the veritable Goldilocks of materials. I cleaned up my carry, my stalwart 1989 Timbuk2 emptied and stored in the bag room. My version is chocolate canvas with similarly dyed brown leather.

One will hold a pen or two; the other around 9″ wide contains a pair of small pockets for organizing phone, keys, or wallet.In rainy Seattle, the material held out all torrents with ease.On my very first outing with it, my husband spotted it and basically made it is own. (and has been seen on many occasions but never returned to his rightful owner!) Anyhow, I'm just thrilled that my husband now has a bag which he is truly happy with.Although I was initially concerned about how the straps were uniquely arranged around the bag, I was so smitten by the bag's Olive colour that I decided to take my chances. This begs the question: Without the hallmarks of human interaction, can an item thus be “too well” made? Are the slight idiosyncrasies of manufacturing what breathes life into our carry?

By the second time I carried the bag, I was convinced not only of its quality craftsmanship, but also of its unique design features. It has many compartments and it makes it beautiful and practical to use. I love it and since I got it, I tossed my Coach and Burberry purses. I struggle to understand but venture beyond, I have work to do.

My only problem with it is that if I just sling it over my shoulder it slips a lot but that's not how it was intended to be use so thats not a legit problem.

Also, I love all the little compartments inside not that i was able to use them all but i am not a organized person... Gustav filled the space of what was 'just a bag' in my life before so stylishly, gracefully, competently and decidedly that I never want to miss Gustav ever again!

I now find myself creating an extensive wish list of other 78% products to collect and/or to give as gifts. It is even more well-crafted and intelligently designed than I imagined it would be: The craftsmanship is impeccable; the design exquisitely stylish; the functionality so, so smart; easy to access while riding; just the right size.

It receives so many compliments, and the personalized customer service doesn't get any better.

The craftsmanship, look, feel and function of the bag is simply great and I'm very satisfied.