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South Africa's Population Registration Act, which forms the bedrock of apartheid, officially classifies Mr.

Die Burger, a daily newspaper in Cape Town, disclosed today that Willem de Klerk was engaged to Erica Adams, the daughter of Deon Adams, who is leader of the mixed-race Labor Party in the Boland region of Cape Province.

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Another provider qualify free dating site no signup required screw him over hospital but wasn’t sure if he’d be interested.The South African Press Association received a similar response when it reached Miss Adams's father at his vacation home in Ceres."My policy is not to talk about my family matters in public," Mr. South Africa's population of about 37.5 million includes more than three million South Africans who are classified as being of mixed race.The National Party that President de Klerk now leads made interracial romance a criminal offense by promulgating the Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act in 1949 and the Immorality Act in 1957. They have been dating for a year and a half, said a Cape Town journalist who said the affair was common knowledge there.Willem de Klerk finished his studies in November and left last month to take another public relations course in Britain for six months. de Klerk has fallen in love with the daughter of a mixed-race Cape politician took on credence today when a respected Afrikaans-language newspaper reported that they were engaged to be married.