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An Indian minister has received widespread criticism for suggesting that "western clothes" were responsible for a slew of sexual assaults which took place in the city of Bangalore on New Year's Eve.

"A large number of youngsters gathered - youngsters who are almost like westerners," Karnataka's Home Minister G Parameshwara told The television network.

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According to local media, the sisters had complained to police about being regularly stalked by the men in the lead-up to Monday’s shooting, but did not receive help.

Women’s rights activists accuse police of often overlooking complaints of stalking, which they say only emboldens the perpetrators.

He had just come out of the bathroom when she attacked him.

As my brother lay drenched in blood, she latched the room from outside and walked off.

The 34 year-old victim, who is a cab operator, was admitted to Jaypee Hospital in Noida where he remains in critical condition.

The newspaper quotes Dr Saurabh Gupta at the hospital as saying that “the patient’s private parts had been cut off. He is in a critical situation but we are hoping that he will survive. He used to assault me and often abused me and my sisters.

The collective’s work includes HIV prevention with those who sell and buy sex – not only sex workers but housewives who engage in clandestine sex work, men who have sex with men, sex workers’ clients and lovers, and truck drivers whose routes crisscross the state.

Vamp works with doctors, the police and the local authorities to combat stigma and violence, offering support and care to people with HIV and orphaned children, and fighting for workers and their families to be treated with dignity.

To see them as “prostituted women” is to treat them as not fully human, incapable of determining their own destinies or, indeed, of working together to claim justice.

It’s precisely that kind of attitude that perpetuates the abuse sex workers experience.

Weekly meetings bring the collective together to tackle a wide range of issues faced by members.