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It was oaky due to it being barrel-aged in old casks, with just a touch of hop.

I can’t think of another saison that has blown me away the way that this one did.

It was going to be hard for Crooked Stave to top this one.

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And while I’m no hop head, I am quite the Brett head (is that a thing? It’s got some nice floralness from the hops, but mixed with the funk from the Brett, the beer becomes incredibly well-balanced.This was my least favorite of the three beers, but again, an incredible beer from Crooked Stave.I enjoy experimenting on different styles so what you see here will vary.To look for something specific, please check out the Tags page I put up for your convenience. On the same night that I tried the Surette, I opened a second bottle of Crooked Stave, their Hop Savant. Of course, at this point, I was fully trusting Crooked Stave’s ability to craft a great beer, but this one was listed as a Pale Ale, not my favorite style of beer.

In the short life of this blog, I’ve well-documented my dislike of the overuse of hops.

This beer was truly one of the most perfect examples of a saison that I’ve ever tasted.

A bit of funk, a bit of tart, some wonderful citrus notes.

And although this beer definitely had the hoppy characteristics of a pale ale, it was unlike any pale ale that I’d ever tasted.

It is, after all, a pale ale brewed with 100% Brettanomyces.

I’m looking forward to hunting down more of their brews.