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So wearing a scarf/ bandanna over your hair or a terry cloth headband can prevent hair loss.Change how you style your hair (for men with long hair) If you are losing your hair lately, you must loosen up your hair.

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Moreover, clean hair gives the impression of more volume.Vitamin for hair loss Vitamins are not only healthy for overall well being but also good for your hair.Keep yourself hydrated The hair shaft comprises one quarter water so drink at least four to eight cups of water in a day to stay hydrated and for the growth of healthy hair.Rub green tea into your hair Studies have shown that rubbing green tea into hair may help curb hair loss problem.Ensure you deal with chronic illnesses, high fevers and infections properly to ensure healthy hair.

Keep a watch on medication Certain medications may have side-effects, one of which could be hair loss.Garlic juice, onion juice or ginger juice Rub one of the juices on your scalp, leave it overnight and wash it out in the morning.Do it regularly for a week and you will see noticeable result.De-stress yourself; one of the ways of doing it is by practicing meditation.Alternative therapies such as meditation and yoga not only reduce stress but restores hormonal balance.Hairstyles such as ponytails, braids and artificial hairstyles pull hair or tug hair follicles, and can eventually cause baldness.