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Conversely, in cases where the child has a penis the bias is toward raising the child as a male (unless the doctor judges that it is "too small").Children born with what doctors judge to be an enlarged clitoris are also sometimes assigned as males.Victorian doctors believed that the gonads were the seat of "true sex," and thus created a system of nomenclature -- in the absence of any knowledge of genetics, endocrinology, or embryology -- which categorized people as "male pseudohermaphrodite," "female pseudohermaphrodite," or "true hermaphrodite." It's time to eliminate this quaint Victorianism from modern medical practice.

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Genetically Intersexed - technically would encompass "chromosomally intersexed" people too.

However it usually refers to individuals who have normal chromosomal makeup (XX or XY) but have a faulty gene on one of those chromosomes resulting in an intersex condition.

There are environmental factors, genetic factors, and developmental factors and the effects of them on a developing child range from "nothing apparent" to "obvious at birth." Those conditions that are obvious at birth garner the most attention from the medical community, while there are people who are intersexed who may be so mildly affected they will never be clinically identified.

Most of the birth disorders that are classified as "intersex conditions" are treated as "unusual," and it is not uncommon to find them listed among "rare diseases." The general public - even many doctors - have no familiarity with intersex conditions or people.

Among the dissatisfied women, 1 reported that her female homosexual orientation was an obstacle and as a result she would have preferred a male sex of rearing, and 1 subject reassigned his sex to that of an intersexed man in early adulthood.

Satisfaction with physician/parent-established sex of rearing did not differ between men and women.

At best an individual may have heard of the now out of favor term "hermaphrodite" (taken to mean someone with both male and female genitals).

Which is ironic, because people who used to be called "true hermaphrodites" are among the rarest of all intersex conditions.

Some intersex conditions are among the most common birth disorders in the world - collectively the total number of people whose bodies differ from standard male or female affects as many as 1 out of every 100 people!

Because the physical sex of intersexed people is often ambiguous, parents and doctors usually "choose" whether the child will be identified and reared as either male or female.

The result of this practice of choosing a sex shortly after birth has been that, inevitably, for some of the children the sex the doctors and/or parents chose was not in sync with the child's gender identity.