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Season 3, Episode 27January 10, 2010Lilly is fired from her job at a sandwich shop, so Miley hires her to be her family's housekeeper.

Later, a secret about her surfaces and she blames Jackson.Meanwhile, Robby tries to teach Rico how to country-line dance to impress a girl.Season 3, Episode 16June 7, 2009Miley runs into Jake Ryan (Cody Linley) in Las Vegas.She's shocked to learn that he plans to marry Traci, so she plots to stop the wedding.Season 3, Episode 23September 20, 2009Oliver is diagnosed with diabetes.

When Miley and Lilly hear about it, they appoint themselves as his personal food police at Traci's sweet-16 birthday party.

At home, Jackson opens a large package after Robby forbids him to do so, and he suffers the consequences.

Season 3, Episode 21August 9, 2009Miley accidentally reveals an embarrassing secret about Jackson during an interview on a radio show.

Season 3, Episode 6January 11, 2009Lilly holds a yard sale to raise money for a class trip to Washington, D.

C., and Miley pays customers to buy items at the sale; Rico hires an aggressive environmentalist to work at the surf shop, but he isn't happy when she implements extreme eco-friendly measures.

She returns to the program to explain herself, but ends up making things worse.