Gwibber twitter not updating

The widget's code does all the hard work, updates on page refresh etc, and works just like a feed. Like I said, it is not that bright an answer, retro-code even, but if you're stuck on a poor hosting deal like me, well...I ran into this problem just today and found a quick fix, but nothing in code to really patch it up.On my local machine the decoded data is fine with the right twitter status id per status. SO if Twitter module is installed and working then run cron does not work and therefore I had to delete Twitter module in order to get my run cron index my new content. I apologize if I'm missing something super obvious here, but the instructions for implementing an alternative json decode function still don't make sense to me. My understanding is that I should add the following code to my UPDATE twitter SET twitter_id = 2147483647, screen_name = 'apartfromwar', created_at = 'Wed Jul 07 0000 2010', created_time = 1278478846, text = 'New post: Ordered List Test source = 'Drupal', truncated = 0 WHERE twitter_id = 2147483647 UPDATE twitter SET twitter_id = 2147483647, screen_name = 'apartfromwar', created_at = 'Mon Jul 05 0000 2010', created_time = 1278351842, text = 'It\'s our last full day in the woods of WA state.

I wonder if I'm the only one who misunderstood the "Global User" account. Resulting in the same item remaining as most recent status. Maybe one of you know a answer to the following problem.... I can confirm that this exact same issue is happening for me as works only and only in the first time, after that, running cron, or invoking it directly (using supercron module) it not updates, making a capture i can verify that the problem is not with the module, since during cron it invokes twitter correctly, but for some reason twitter answers with old xml data, ex: HTTP GET REQUEST so for the answer i have has last update Jun 06 with is not true, because i have some retweets after that and that's the problem, because retweets are stripped from xml and json calls.defined in to handle retweets it's possible to use the retweeted_by_me function. On my local machine the twitter module is importing new statuses. I added some watchdog statements to log the whole cron process and the problem occurs when the response data is being decoded by json_decode. So, if one were to attempt #17, abandoning the json_decode for an alternative parser, does anyone know where one might look for reasonably straightforward instructions on doing so? I installed several 6version of Twitter module but each version makes run cron fail... Using the Devel and the supercron modules I can see the update statement trying to set the same ID each time.That is, this info is associated with a drupal user account. Here is an example: I used the parser mentioned on that page and now I can import statuses again. The twitter_ids consist of a number with 11 positions.So in my case the solution would have been to add the twitter user info to the root drupal user. Could this version difference make a difference in the json_decode function? After the json_decode they were all 10 positions and all set to 2147483647. After that the status with id 2147483647 got updated all the time.Am I correct in assuming that cron is only running with anonymous user privs? Simply obtain the code for a widget from (it's in their goodies section).

Enter your account details, grab code & paste into a new block that you have created especially.We’re also expanding our trends with descriptions experience to the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.Note: Trends with descriptions are only available for tailored trends users in English.Update your Twitter app for i OS or Android to the latest version to access these features.The new trends with descriptions experience is rolling out now in the U. in English for users who have tailored trends on i OS and Android.But when I started inspecting the queries generated by the cron hook, I found that the table was empty, causing the cron_hook to think there were no users with twitter accounts to update.