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Rossi broke down in tears as she denied claims that her extravagant marriage proposal was just for reality TV cameras.rossi once was in the thick of the drama on the real housewives of orange county.and it's important to note tom was seen in season one of real housewives of new york city seemingly hitting on ramona.

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season eight of the real housewives of orange county, cast sweetheart lydia mclaughlin..

on bravo, while the real housewives of orange county returns for season 11 on monday, june 20 at 9 p.

PHOTOS: Housewives bikini bodies "We congratulate Gretchen and Slade on their engagement and are excited to see it play out on the show," a Bravo spokesperson tells Us.

Rossi had previously hinted that she wouldn't mind reversing the roles and popping the question to the father of two, whose exes include former star Jo de la Rosa.

the video rhoc alum lydia talks new friendship with gretchen & slade.“gretchen told the producers she was dating me and that i had no interest in filming, and so they said, ‘if he doesn’t film, you’re not going to be on the show,’ ” says smiley.

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The debate (Smiley had struggled with his career and finances) ended Apr.

14, when Rossi asked for his hand in marriage in a romantic proposal in Los Angeles filmed for an upcoming episode of the Bravo hit.

engagement: slade went along with the plan and insisted he was surprised by the proposal.'and tamra also believed it was the real reason that gretchen did not invite any of them to her engagement party - with producers denying gretchen's claim that it was their decision - claiming: 'i think gretchen didn't invite us because i think she knew we were gonna call bulls*** on it.

the roof: unseen footage showed gretchen all in white waiting for the slade to arrive by helicopter.

course, there are certainly upsides to being a man on the “real housewives” shows, which is partially how the men get hooked in the first place.