Girlfriend missing teeth dating

He wasn’t as tall as he’d claimed, but he was taller than me, so no big deal.

Overall he looked exactly like his photo except that he was wearing glasses.

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This was a nice bonus because, I absolutely love glasses on a man.I jumped into the passenger seat and we zipped downtown for a movie.I’ve never seen a politician with missing teeth and I’ve never met a person who didnt want a whiter/brighter smile. My sisters tell me that I have “rabbit teeth” because my two front teeth are slightly larger than the others. I really want to say no, because teeth are fixable.But all of my teeth are accounted for and they’re all white, thanks to those little strips and my regular dentist appointments. If a guy is tall and interesting, but has awful teeth, my instinct would be to stay patient.That’s when I got a direct view into his mouth and realized he was missing at least two teeth towards the front!

The missing teeth were on his left side which made them easy to miss when I was sitting in the passenger seat of the car.Having bad teeth isn’t always something that can be controlled, but it is something that can be addressed.And I would rather be with a man who takes the subway, smiling proudly the whole way, than a man who covers his toothless grin while driving around in a (very nice) car. w=264" class="size-full wp-image-1869" title="chris_traeger" src=" w=545" alt="Chris Traeger from Parks and Rec" srcset=",, and to, uh, celebrate this milestone I will be posting a ton and gently directing readers toward the Donation Page all week as part of a twice-yearly pledge drive (in lieu of running ads).Last year I went out with Harrison, who I’d met online.