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Here we go; Jackie Lee, Delta Platoon, 67,, ST-1,,, Moses Marquez,, Kilo platoon ST-1 69 ? But he was high pressured by our Lt OIC and the Black shoe CDR of Sea Float,,,, They said if he couldn"t handle the job they would send him home...

,,, UDT-12 Doc.."Don't spemd too much time on the shitter or a mortor will get you, Don't remember name. Sorry about that Doc,, I hit the wrong key and lost it all,,, VN's are Duck and Moanie,, ex-field grade capt VC,, worked with Kilo platoon,, was kia on brake in op.. Shortly after insurtition the two platoons encircled each other and took each other under fire..

Boink, Thrift, Patches, Nelson, Doc Hammer, Leasure, Lewis, Slater, Fellers, Hyde, Porter, and Duke Leonard. me, Lewis and slater, Joe Silva, Jerry Waters, Dick Cyrus, Denny Johnson, Danny Sprenkle, Mike Mc Donald CAMDEN (June 27): Tom Tarbox, 74, of Camden began training to become a Navy SEAL even before the SEALs were officially formed.

Before the present day SEALs there were UDTs, or underwater demolition teams. "The 'N' doesn't stand for anything, he just liked that my initials were TNT.

He still is in the music business and posts me his latest discs... He was 2nd engineer aboard a USNS ammo ship out of subic.

I can send you a video disc of Armorel sailing from Mother England to San Francisco in 1959,, Send my your posting Address... This bay was where we also spend Christmas with Dave And Sharon Bodkin when Odin was born on .

UDT-12 Corpsman Doc Beaver UDTRA class 29 training dive.. The VN hugging Mone,, Duck, KIA'ed as point man on a brake in op,, when LTJG Dave (it will come to me),, KIA'ed on a brake in op,, I as LPO refused to take the brake in op as it sounded just like a Jean Tinnen op where my good friend CCurtis Williams almost went down as well..

I'mv looking on my past e-mails for your posting address,, I'm sending you a CD,, Go off by yourself and listen to it,, Try not to cry; Doc; Not sure who the diver on the safety line is, although I took the photo while using a diesel boats services to conduct lock in and outs for FNG's,, I was SM!So I've said too much and am boreing tou to tears old timer..... When I learn a bit more about this machine I'll pass you some paperwork to back up the story.. Deep Diving Diecks Doc I hope you get my package with the CD and the pictures. On my private 4 ton mooring, Mangonvi Harbcure, Far North, N. Note: The Big bronze bell was made for Armorel in S. Ted and Helen Kassa also came down by air to visit Dave and Helen.Take Care Team Mate Thanks again for your efforts Hoo Yah Deep Diving Diecks Take Care Team Mate May31,2015 To: Doc Rio From: D. In Armdrel's Cockpit I am anjoying a cigar from "the Manila Hotel R. The bellsmith won 3d place, World champ for tone in Switzerland.Bruton ships Capt & Crew on The King og Tongas 50th Birthday... I traveled to Mother England to meet past owners of Armorel,, Got invited to The Royal London Yacht Club on Cows Day by Lady Heath and met Big Ears HRH himself who was the Comodor of the RLYC...I've had a good time of it because of Armorel,,, She was once owned by Glenn Yraghboure of the lime lighters,,, His first boat.. My son's God Father, Frank Blackstons had it made for us.Bob Diecks via Doc; Received your msg & links,, Tks,, Good J-O-B,, How did you hook up with the Poway FRA ??