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Mr Zuckerberg revealed at the F8 developer conference how chatbots were just the beginning of a 10-year roadmap that would end with giving “everyone in the world the power to share anything with anyone”.

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Popular chat platforms like Kik, Telegram and (Facebook) Messenger now all have APIs to create rich chat experiences managed by bots.Hence, many conversational AI startups have been popping up, and many existing software packages have created some module to support chat experiences.Alexa brings me the latest news in the morning, Siri bothers me when I press her button too long and Google Allo is able to hold a more eloquent conversation than the president-elect of the United States.A significant part of this uprise has to do the growing popularity of chat bots.If people don’t get into those chatbots, then the companies themselves will be able to pay to send users messages about special deals, or to remind them about a product that they liked but didn’t appear to have bought.

Those messages will be limited to people who have already used or messaged the company, and those businesses will be able to be blocked as normal, he said.

It has gradually been adding more powers – like using the app to message a pizza restaurant, for instance, and ordering food just by chatting.

Approximately 114 years after the first science fiction movie was created, we can finally say that bots have taken over the world.

Facebook has launched a new technology that it hopes will kill the app.

Mark Zuckerberg’s vision is being led by artificially intelligent chatbots that will talk to people and help them with their lives.

After trying all these services, I must admit that they’re all pretty good.