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It was engulfed in a cloud of Catholic guilt and a refusal to engage in a mature dialogue.Sexting is often a response to one’s aversion to physical sexual activities.I recall my introduction to sex via the Irish education system.

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The mechanics may remain the same but common sexual practices and the age group engaging in them are evolving.Yet our education system seems to ignore the social shift in attitudes towards sex and the infiltration of modern technology and porn culture in western homes.It appears our education system is standing still as technology speeds forward.A recent study has shown Irish teenagers are some of Europe’s most prolific sextors, and estimated to be the fourth-highest in Europe. Objective To examine the prevalence of sexting behaviors as well as their relation to dating, sex, and risky sexual behaviors using a large school-based sample of adolescents.

Participants self-reported their history of dating, sexual behaviors, and sexting (sent, asked, been asked, and/or bothered by being asked to send nude photographs of themselves).

Most importantly, no contraception can fully protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.

Next thing you know you’re 40 and because of adolescent promiscuity can’t get pregnant.

Instead of saying “no”, some teenagers consider sexting a method of appeasing a sexual partner, a bargaining chip of sorts.

If we normalise proper sexual dialogue – including sexting – by providing an open and non-judgmental sexual education for young people, they will be properly equipped.

It was shrouded in denial – shock tactics and pictures of urinary tract infections would eradicate libido.