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Duo is available in the i OS App Store and on Google Play, offering full cross-platform video chat between i Phone and Android users.

That’s cool, but it’s certainly not the first such service to accomplish that feat.

Think of it like peeking through a digital peep hole before you agree to open the door.

It would also provide some awesome white calendar space to get my own shit done. We were suddenly thousands of frequent-flier miles apart, shuttling back and forth for birthdays and conjugal visits but mostly just communicating digitally.I tried to have a good attitude about the whole thing—at first. It helps that texting is free, too, thanks to Whats App, which works anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection, even internationally.Now Google is trying to change that with a simple, free app called Google Duo that lets you make video calls to both Android and i Phones.I highly recommend you download and use it since it will allow you to connect with your friends, no matter what phone they are using.Keep in mind you will both need to install the app – sign up is super simple. No Google account or third party account necessary. Also, I've noticed that the video quality on Duo is better than Face Time.

Google says it has worked to make your video calls look great whether you're on Wi Fi, cellular or a combination of both.Sometimes my dude and I would get so frustrated with buffering video that we'd talk on our more reliable cell phones instead while staring at pilated images of each other on our laptops. ) It's like an episode of Maybe the Internet gods were trying to warn us.Because what this technology really offers is faux intimacy: It's the perception of intimacy with the added hangover that comes with waking up in a queen-size bed next to nothing but your laptop. So I fashioned a plan that kept my boyfriend and me connected but wasn't so all-consuming that it killed our respective lives.Finally, some of you are still on cellular plans that don't allow "Face Time over cellular" and Google Duo will help you get around this limitation.Just keep in mind if you are not in a Wi Fi coverage zone Google Duo video calls will use your mobile data plan.Seeing each other every night— but not being able to touch each other—is its own form of punishment. I interviewed him for a lady magazine, and we talked about how he handles life on the road while he's got his Victoria's Secret model girlfriend, Anne V, waiting at home. Because skipping nights out with friends to make room for regular two-hour downloads (How was In this new reality, we'd reserve text messaging for flirtatious asides that never required a response.