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Learn the skills you need to care for Veterans at home with our free online workshop, Building Better Caregivers™.

As a Caregiver, the very best thing you can do for those who depend on you is to take care of yourself.

For calls to a landline outside the local area, the area code is prefixed and the format becomes (0A) XXX-XXXX for calls to landlines, where "0A" is the area code.

The format for calls to cellular mobile phones is 05N-XXX-XXXX, where "05N" is the mobile operator indicator.

Simple tools such as medication logs can help Caregivers keep track of loved one’s prescriptions and over-the-counter medications.

Use a medication log to take note of when each medication should be taken, to keep track of what is and isn’t working, and as a reference when speaking with health care providers.

Mobile number portability between cellular providers was introduced in late 2007.

The format for calls to landlines within the same area code is XXX-XXXX (7 digits subscriber number).If you want to make a purchase and your billing address and/or credit card is outside the United States, please call the shop to order.We provide secure online ordering 24 hours a day, but we don't deliver on Sundays or most major holidays. In the geographic area codes, first digits of the local number are identifying service operator: A-2XX-XXXX - Paltel (In the Palestinian Territories) A-30X-XXXX - Hot A-31X-XXXX - Hot A-32X-XXXX - Hot A-372-XXXX - 012smile (Partner) A-373-XXXX - Cellcom A-374-XXXX - Partner A-376-XXXX - Bezeq International A-377-XXXX - Veidan A-5XX-XXXX - Bezeq A-6XX-XXXX - Bezeq A-7XX-XXXX - Bezeq A-8XX-XXXX - Bezeq A-9XX-XXXX - Bezeq on 54-6) 55-X - Mobile virtual network operators (MVNO's) 55-2 - Home Cellular 55-6 - Rami Levy 55-7 - Cellact 55-8 - You Phone (merged now with Pelephone) 55-9 - 019 Telzar 56 - Wataniya Mobile (in the Palestinian territories) 58 - Golan Telecom 59 - Jawwal (in the Palestinian territories) 72-2 - 012smile (Partner) 72-3 - 012smile (Partner) 73-2 - Cellcom 73-3 - Cellcom 73-7 - Veidan 74-7 - Partner 76-5 - Bezeq International 76-8 - Bezeq 77-X - Hot 79-5 - Hallo 015 79-7 - Cellact 79-9 - 019 Telzar *XXXX - (Star and 4 digits) Speed dial service 1234 - Bezeq-Card service (Bezeq lines only) 1455 - Speaking clock - Time and date in Israel and around the world 142 - Collect Call 144 - Telephone Listings Information 166 - Bezeq technical support 199 - Bezeq customer service 164 - Bezeq business customer service 1 599 XXX XXX - Business Toll 1 700 XXX XXX - Business Toll 1 80X XXX XXX - Toll Free 1 90X XXX XXX - Premium Note - The Israeli telecommunication infrastructure is available and used extensively in the Palestinian Territories too.Kosher phones and networks are essentially phones with Haredi rabbinical approval that can be used for communication without entertainment functionality or connectivity.Managing time and stress, eating healthy, exercising, and dealing with difficult emotions are important skills for Caregivers.