Foursquare blackberry not updating to facebook

One thing I don't like is that the only way to link your Twitter and Facebook accounts is via the Four Square website.There's no way to add them via the app as of right now. You'll also find a Leader Board section that shows who's checked-in the most places between you and your Four Square friends.

The furthest location that has showed up for me was 6 miles away.This can be seen as a way of cheating as you could potentially check-in to places you haven't set foot in.I recently went on a road trip and found the tips very helpful when I've checked-in at some venues.Collecting badges and points is also a cool, fun feature and what makes Four Square appealing but I've found that you've really got to get your friends using it too, otherwise you're on your own and can get a little lonely and mundane. Remember this is a social app and a location based app.Well, you take out your Black Berry and load Four Square, check-in and see who else is around. It seems to be an app that lots of people have been talking about lately.

It's a location based app that allows you to check-in to businesses, restaurants, shops, and places of interests.

It's also a great way to find out where your friends are, see the places they've been and check those places out too.

As well as that, while checking-in to different venues you collect points and badges depending on how often you check-in.

It's a Friday night, you're out and about, you're at some swanky restaurant, or grabbing some drinks at a bar, or you're shopping at the mall.

You want to know if you're other friends are around so you can meet up, what do you do?

But you can also be ousted as Mayor if someone else then checks-in more than you.