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It’s kind of like the space camp you went to as a kid…except there’s beer.The telescopes are set up on the patio at Junkyard and usually focused on something fascinating.It’s also a pretty great place to watch the sun set.

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Remaining Streets Alive dates for 2017 are Sundays June 25 and August 27.

, you can play pinball for hours on end and no one will judge you. Fargo Pinball is membership-based, but members are allowed to bring guests in to play a few games.

.” While the phrase is more about an attitude and a way of doing things than actual physical assets, we thought it would be fun to highlight a few things in the area that you might not find in any other destination and could be considered ‘North of Normal,’ or a little quirky. The fence, consisting of over 1,000 large colored pencils, is in the Nature Playground area of the zoo.

If you visit the zoo, definitely make sure you see this fence.

Their “pint-it-forward” program allows you to fill out a card with the name of the person you’d like to gift a beer to and they put it up on their board.

To read more about the program, check out this provides an opportunity to safely play in the streets.It’s a pretty special place that piques the curiosity of many. In the heart of downtown Fargo, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of it all, but yet it’s peaceful and relaxing.Grab a drink, enjoy the views and listen to the rustle of the prairie grass.And some bavarian pretzels…and you might as well get some sweet potato fries with marshmallow fluff too. Try something new today in your life:) #rabbit #rattlesnake #bratwurst #eatnd #wurstbierhall #fargo #northdakota A photo posted by Krystal Chavez (@sincerelykrystallynn) on We’re not talking about the kind of stargazing you list as an interest in your online dating profile to make people think you’re into romantic things (no judgement).Stargazing at Junkyard Brewing is the real deal, with legit telescopes.The market happens Saturdays 10am-2pm during the months of July-October.