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Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.

I always look to the-- left of the separator character for each array value DECLARE @new Array VARCHAR(8000)DECLARE @map_name VARCHAR(50) SET @array = @array @separator-- Loop through the string searching for separtor characters WHILE PATINDEX('%' @separator '%', @array) 0 BEGIN-- patindex matches the a pattern against a string SELECT @separator_position = PATINDEX('%' @separator '%',@array)SELECT @array_value = LEFT(@array, @separator_position - 1)-- This is where you process the values passed.--INSERT into map_name-- Replace this select statement with your processing-- @array_value holds the value of this element of the array-- This replaces what we just processed with and empty string SELECT @map_name = MAP_NAME from IVR_ADMIN.IVR_MAPPING where MAP_ID = @array_value SET @map_name = @map_name @separator SET @new Array = @new Array @map_name SELECT @array = STUFF(@array, 1, @separator_position, '')ENDRETURN @new Array ENDGOSET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER OFF GOSET ANSI_NULLS ON GOI am using the parse value in MAPPING table to get MAP_NAME and then concanate all the values.In other words instead of passing the string in as arguments to the sp, have a select in the sp that selects a field in the db that has values that are comma delimited..then parse through that.It is very easy to convert the above SP to a UDF, keeping the same logic.Create a UDF that returns a table variable, put the same logic inside.

Then call the UDF from your sp as SELECT * FROM dbp.i want to create a procedure that splits the incoming string with respect to space and apply 'AND' between each of the word and retrive the ('%'like'%') rows from a table. Thanks hey guys i need some help.i have a table here in my db in w/c has a Location Name of the world ,,now some of them have symbols,underscore and numbers..How could i make sure that all the users can see familiar Location name,,in other words i need to delete all that messed symbols,,and also i will add some hierarchy like cities,country...please i need a script for that..hoping for your help..If the user needs to delete a bunch of sales orders ( say 10-15 etc).would be easier to concatenate all the orderid's into one string like 10-24-23-34-56-57-...and pass it to the sql server stored proc and inside the stored proc, split the string into individual ids and delete each sales order.would love to see an example with the delimited text coming from a field in the database.INSERT into @T VALUES (@array_value) -- Replace this select statement with your processing -- @array_value holds the value of this element of the array -- This replaces what we just processed with and empty string SELECT @array = STUFF(@array, 1, @separator_position, '') ENDRETURN END----------You can call the function as:select * from Parse Array('a,b,c,d,e,f', ',') I need to do something just like Hemut posted above.