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A forensics report found no DNA evidence to prove intercourse had occurred.

Some scratches were found on RB's hands which she claimed were caused by her cat.

"I did not take off my shorts or underwear," said RB, while CM claimed he had only hugged RB. RB said that she was sitting behind the driver and overbalanced while reaching for some food.

She said CM held her to help her regain her balance as she was "totally drunk".

The two then left the hotel and hailed a cab together.

They were picked up by the Pakistani taxi driver QP, 29, at about 11pm, and asked him to drive to Al Barsha.

"When we were all taken to the police station, the woman offered to give me a large amount of money if I didn't say they were having sex and said they were only drinking alcohol and kissing," he testified.

Both RB and CM denied the driver's account, and insisted they had not had sex.

The location is fantastic because it is right off from Sheikh Zayed Rd and only a block away from the Mall of the Emirates and metro station.

It is very easy to get in and out of here whether you take a taxi, rental car or metro.

"I could see through the mirror that she had nothing on to cover her back," he said, adding that he then noticed a police patrol near the American University.

He honked at the officer who then came over to investigate.

"On the way I saw the man taking out an alcohol bottle and he drank from it.