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@Coje_rccb: Could you see yourself dating some one younger than you?? 🙂 @Kyra Chaos: Awww I love you, but no, I can’t see myself dating someone younger than me @Coje_rccb: What are the qualities in a guy you’re most attracted too??

lol @Coje_rccb: Would you marry me or @ least go on a date with me?

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@Coje_rccb: Were you ready for everyone’s reaction to the video you did Drake? When they said they wanted to paint you as a Tiger what did you think?

@Coje_rccb: If 50 and Drake decide to do a song together, how could we fit in the dancing and the tiger paint job into the same video?

Drake posted a pic on his Instagram with her with the caption saying "Me and my boo since way back when and every now and again @Fairytailshair haaaaa." It was rumored they started dating in May 2014 after Drake and Rihanna broke things off. H0-Zlj QIh/Shaye GInstagram: @shayeg An internet model from Texas.

Her and Drake briefly dated, and she would post pics of expensive purses that Drake had bought her.

James is one of the highest paid NBA stars and after his split with girlfriend Trina, he has been seen dating with this young bombshell called Kyra Chaos.

This is of course in sync with his change of teams as James has been traded and now plays for Houston Rockets while he was earlier playing for Oklahoma City Thunder.This is of course in addition to expensive gifts that he keeps on buying for her new found love.James paid nearly 000 a month to his earlier girlfriend Jenna Shea, and when his friends were asked about the amount Kyra Chaos is getting from this NBA star; they revealed that she is getting around 000 a month for James.She was flown to Ireland to be with Drake while he was on his European tour. Poetic Justice - "Young East African Girl, you too busy ****ing with your other man, I was tryna put you on game, put you on a plane, Take you and your momma to the motherland, I could do it"Where To Now - "Ethiopian girl Ethiopian girl, With yo' long curly hair and yo' big ass bootay"Brandy Prince Instagram: @fairytailshair Brandy is the daughter of J.Prince, the CEO of Houston-based Rap-a-Lot Records. In fact, he’s so smart, that he’s launched a competition, via his blog, for fans to create their own version of the video.