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The content is effective, and we've rated it an 8 on that dimension.

Part of the reason for this is that it uses the Love Systems approach as explained in Magic Bullets as its foundation - already a good system.

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I thought it would be weird, but it was strangely pleasant. We drank wine, we ate, we wandered around the streets, we talked, and we just plain hung out with no time restrictions.

Good solid advice and insights into the world of meeting women during the daytime.

Guys figure out how to get laid without books all the time.

Some guys even learn how to do cold approach game without books.

Other times, I would introduce topics that were too personal or too impersonal. but my question is, would someone new with the game, if they just read one book for example daytime dating. So yes and no, reading the book and implementing everything by going out and doing it a hundred times will get you very far.

I've adapted conversational mapping, and now I am able to escalate the personal nature of the conversation. would they be ablle to learn all they need to maybe just even get laid? But you also need to add in your own experiences and learn the nuances that work for you.

Would reading just the book itself be enough to improve my overall game? Right now im only reading Daytime dating and text game as those are the two books i believe is what i need for my overall game...

summary of souls book: try to be normal, do smalltalk.

I found it lacking, so I adapted it for my own use by adding structure for physical and logistical escalation. It was like someone had started with the old Mystery Method model, adapted it the way I had, and then expanded it even further. I don't think anyone can tell you the system that will yield you the best results. I'm an avid reader and still couldn't tell anyone the most efficient method through which I'll learn a program. Could you learn all you needed to about cars by reading a mechanics manual and the highway code? You would need to get under the hood and look around, and get into the driving seat and drive.

I immediately fell in love with the model and started using it to help people fall in love with me. I had been doing a linear approach-transition-attract-qualify process with my approaches, and my results were falling off because I would sometimes stall out when my conversation became disorganized. You need to learn the little nuances that books don't teach you, that you can only get by doing it a lot and getting your brain and muscles to learn through repetition.

Yes, one dating book is enough if you commit to following its instructions.