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..the real issue is that unless the guy you're learning from is a guy who's CONSCIOUSLY made the journey from insecurity to power with women, he won't be able to relate to the PLATEAU you're stuck on.Guys who've never needed to 'work' at this area of their lives have no idea what's actually involved in the journey.In our DVD programs, (Foundations, Transformations, The Jeffy Show and The Blueprint Decoded), we've distilled these real-life teachings into potent, set-piece events designed (and proven) to explode your skills with women.

wouldn't it be great if you could get those “next-level epiphanies” from a guy who's ALREADY punched through to full success with women?

We're talking about getting a constant ally and guide to keep you on the path to a complete transformation that punches down to the core of your very being... Every single weekend, RSD’s Executive Coaching staff are out in clubs and bars all across the world.

We're going to let YOU ask the questions that matter to YOU, and then Tyler, the founder and creative force behind RSD will answer them in detail – using the insider-perspectives of our elite Executive Coaching staff.

You get the benefit of the world's most active, most experienced and most driven teachers of attraction.

It's like having a constant guide to keep you on the right path.

This is a guide you can come back to over and over, to get you the answers you need, and blast you to full confidence with women in record time.On the other side of the coin though, the guys who HAVE traveled from weakness to power are resources of incalculable value to you.These are the guys who've seen your sticking points from the INSIDE.and delivering the cutting-edge solutions that you need.It means that in each installment, we'll be plunging deep below the surface, and you'll get live, tailored advice you can take out to the club, bar, coffee shop (or wherever...) and use TONIGHT.So wouldn't it be great to have someone who's ALREADY made that shift to answer YOUR questions on the journey?