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The fine woman he wants has way more choices than him.

If she chooses to be with someone else, over me, not only am I okay with that, I’m optimistic there’s a better choice somewhere in this world.

I’m beginning to hate guys, on behalf of women everywhere.

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Whether it’s in the moment or months and years down the line, a woman will wake up to a man she’s been sleeping on.

He doesn’t need to do anything but be himself and be patient. But don’t just believe in yourself, believe in the hype; the hype that is there are plenty of fish in the sea.

The song, which goes by the title “Bila Mundai” has only 3,000 views on Youtube!

I want you to tell me, what do you think about Prezzo…is he relevant?

They won’t spend their time with someone else, and that’s fine. But what bothers me is how some men will never go for the girl they really want because they can’t have her immediately and therefore they act like they can’t have her at all.

I operate on this principle: I can get any girl I want….eventually.

Because they act like they got it, and they do have it, but they’re not doing anything with it. Every week a person gets to choose to go out on one date who they select from three choices I give them.

Each week I have to alternate between a woman getting to choose one of three guys, and a man choosing from one of three gals.

He just needs to be around, not up under her, just around, existing, working on himself for his benefit. If she knows he’s at home, thinking about her, guess what? There is no point in spending time wondering about someone when you know exactly what they’re doing.

So be busy, this includes going out with other women from time to time, being open to knowing a different person. But I don’t practice it by outright rejecting a woman’s company. Part of that is because I don’t want to, but let me keep it real here: Part of that is also because they don’t want to sleep with me.

The majority of guys will say that’s how they want it to be, just them their right or left hand, some lubricant, Internet p0rn, XBox360, and a good book, you know, for balance. Some men don’t realize, the odds are absolutely nothing if they don’t play them.