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SEAWEED as falling snowflakes leaviness of softness, dewing like drops DROPS!

Bloggings of my past homelessness, blogging about nothing or maybe something...

What happened to the previously homeless people of the devestated areas?

Sin City alone had 10,000 homeless people even before the storm hit!

I encourage everyone to volunteer (search & rescue workers, fire fighters, debris cleaners/clearing, medical staff, engineers, etc) for or donate to a hurricane relief fund (the damage is tremendous and many homeless or missing) like UNICEF, United Way, American Red Cross (many wounded need blood donations, even volunteer nurses and doctors are needed) or the Salvation Army (find links on homeless/poverty organizations near disaster areas), (make sure it is reputable organization)!

Some Helpful Links For Katraina Victims: am glad that the National Guard (martial law has been imposed, military is in control of the government) is finally stepping in (why did it take the government so long to help out, where are the bottled water companies, or any company that makes food, baby formula, bedding, etc?

Tropical storm Katrina (one of the worst natural disasters of US history, also hottest summer in recorded American history) has already caused over ,000,000,000 (25 billion dollars, this figure could double with insurance claims) in damages, food/water/gas/housing/shelter shortages, looting/crime (price gauging) running rampant (military law to take affect? I have had my life uprooted from accidental fires (once an appartment fire caused me to become homeless without any possesions of my own left), but I could not imagine my entire neighbourhood, city or even state destroyed and devastated.

My heart goes out to people living in Mississippi, New Orleans, southern Alabama, Gulf Coast, etc...

The local university will let me play on their computers if the lab is not busy...