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These programs can be found in 32 different cities.

Marie Ernst Beauty Bars are a creamy cleansing dual-purpose interlocking soap where one side gently exfoliates, moisturizes and polishes your skin and the other scented side moisturizes and beautifies your entire body.In addition to being great for your skin, they are all-natural, hypoallergenic, paraben-free, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, vegan and sustainable, protecting our environment with no use of microbeads that pollute our streams and oceans.The two most common individual services within any category of service in Oregon are "resources and referrals and court accompaniment/advocacy" while the two least common services are "mobile advocacy and onsite medical services". The third most common language after English and Spanish is Russian at 9% of the organizations.Demographically, the organizations are mostly like to be equipped to serve Women .Domestic violence includes hurting, threatening or putting someone down or making them afraid.

It also includes trying to control them or make them do things. Domestic violence can happen between people in a family, intimate partners, or other people who live in the same house. Local Resources: Portland Women’s Crisis Line Crisis intervention, safety planning, in-person response for survivors of sexual violence, emergency housing resources, Danger to Safety transportation assistance, support groups, and referrals to other resources.503-235-5333 or 888-235-5333 Gateway Center for Domestic Violence One stop center for survivors of intimate partner violence M-F, 9a-4p 505-988-6400 Domestic Violence Resource Center Crisis line, emergency shelter, children's services, bilingual services Bradley-Angle House Provides emergency shelter and options for healing to women and children escaping domestic violence.In order to truly address the root causes and impacts of gender-based violence, we must commit to and practice centering the voices and experiences of those most impacted: trans women of color and all transgender people.Beauty Bar, will be donated directly toward the Oregon Coalition’s efforts of establishing a flexible fund for survivors of abuse across the state.You’ll also see information further below on categories of service offered in Oregon, and within each category you’ll find the individual services within that category.