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9RAR joined Operation Goodwood (3 December-17 February) on 1 January, 1969.

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2251482 Pte Ross Alexander Coughran HQ AFV of Panania 9.1411166 Cpl John Frederick Hogan HQ AFV of Ingleburn 10.Total casualties during the deployment included 19 killed and 97 wounded 4RAR subsequently underwent a period of further training in Australia, and subsequently returned to Vietnam for its second tour in May 1971.For 4 RAR/NZ (ANZAC), this final tour gave the Battalion the honour of being the last ANZAC Battalion to serve in South Vietnam (also 4 RAR was the last Battalion to leave Borneo in 1966).2790215 Cpl John Ray Fiorio Det 2 AFCU of Hunters Hill 11. 27899796 Cpl Robert Darcy Sullivan AFV Cash Office of Albury 13.

2790065 Cpl Graham Vincent Sutton HQ AFV of Bexley 14.This involved seeking out and destroying the enemy in its base areas, preventing enemy access to the civilian population, and helping to create a secure climate for South Vietnamese social, political, and military life.The work was demanding, dangerous, and monotonous and was the primary task carried out by the battalion for the remainder of its tour.It was engaged in searches and patrols following the 1969 Tet Offensive.The battalion returned to Nui Dat for a period of rest from 9 to 24 March. During April 1969 1ATF adopted pacification operations as its first priority.2791372 Cpl Ted Michael Tokarczyk HQ AFV of Kemps Creek 15.