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I usually have my browser “snapped” to one side of my screen (one of the 3 monitors I roll with here in the office) and then Windows Live Writer “snapped” to the other side.

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I’ll kick things off with my list of favorite Windows 7 features… Windows Taskbar: Windows 7 introduced enhancements to the Taskbar that introduced the ability to “pin” your favorite applications to it and move it in any specific order you want.Pinned applications also have Jump Lists (which can also be seen in the Start menu if you pin them there too) showing recent documents or files or quick access to popular tasks within the application.We’ve just released Windows Live Essentials 2011 and the beta of Internet Explorer 9.We want people using Windows 7 to have the best PC cloud experience.With Internet Explorer 9, I also have several of my favorite (and most used) websites also pinned to my Taskbar like Hotmail and of course The Windows Blog! With Libraries, I can bring all of these files and folders together into one place. Any Windows 7 PC that then joins your Home Group can utilize the printer you shared and access the files within the Libraries you’re sharing out. Aero Snap: With Aero Snap, people can quickly resize or “snap” an application window to the top, left or right sides of their screen.

If someone drags an application to the top of their screen, it will maximize that application.

Once you try it, you’ll never want to use a 1366×768 display ever again. HP ENVY 14 with Beats headphones: You simply have not heard digital music until you try it on an HP ENVY with Beats Audio outputting to Beats by Dre headphones. Toshiba r705: It’s the lightest full-feature laptop ever built (3lbs.), which makes it a dream to carry around on your back all day, as I often do when I’m on the road. I’m sharing my list of favorite Windows 7 themes I rotate out for my personal and family PCs.

If you love music, fire up your Zune Pass on this PC and give it a listen. You can customize your config with killer specs like a 500GB drive, 8GB of RAM, and up to a Core i7 processor at a price that won’t shatter your piggy bank, and as a bonus, it sleeps/wakes faster than any other laptop in my inventory of 75 computers. Origin EON 18: It’s the baddest PC you’ve never heard of – unless you read my Conan the Barbarian-inspired post, of course. Check out the options available and see which you like best to personalize your PC experience. Choobies – Besides the great name, this theme is one of my favorites because it’s very kid friendly without being too loud.

If they drag an application to the left or right sides of their screen, it will “snap” to that side of the window (half screen) and will appear side-by-side to another open application if another application is open.

I use this heavily when writing blog posts for The Windows Blog.

Six months after launch, 100% (over 18,000) of our OEM partners were selling Windows 7 PCs versus 70% for Windows Vista PCs at a comparable time period.